"Make Money Online": Fear / Enthusiasm / Hope / Uncertainty

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In the last few months there has been an explosive proliferation of all manner of Make Money Online / Make Money at Home / MLM / Direct Sales opportunities.

Business opportunity fervor is visible in the requests for media interviews that I get; just a couple of weeks ago I was conversing with a reporter from the Washington Post about this very topic. It’s plainly visible on Twitter and in the blogosphere; we’re seeing it in our blog comments and the kinds of new customers we’re getting. It’s a sea change in the current climate.

Everybody is jumping in with both feet. But there are some very important things that all such people need to be mindful of.

Fighting With My Boss About Direct Marketing

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Fighting with my Boss about Direct Marketing In the last Dilbert Cube job I ever had, I was mastering the craft of Direct Marketing and my boss named Nick didn’t like it.

There were two things he didn’t like.

1) He was a corporate guy who loved (and I mean, LOVED) chest-beating, ego-building brand advertising. I remember one time walking down the street in downtown Chicago, he was laying out for me the grand vision of his DREAM.