The most precious commodity is ATTENTION. How to get it:

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There’s nothing harder to obtain – or more valuable to possess – than a few minutes of your prospect’s exclusive focus.

To get it, you don’t have to shout or be annoying or obnoxious. All you need is ONE clever idea, one arresting hook. Then suddenly she is listening to you intently.

On Thursday July 22 I’m doing a teleseminar on how to make that happen.

Why Fancy Often Fails

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When I was getting started in marketing, my favorite part was all the “unbelievably cool super flashy” stuff that I saw the masters do. Riveting headlines, ballsy copy, daring offers.

The problem was, when I tried to do the same thing with my customers it just didn’t sound right. It was almost like trying to stick a fancy drum solo in the middle of a country music song.