Kids Playing with Needles, Tiananmen Square & Raging Capitalism

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Ever see the famous 1989 picture of the student in China standing off against four tanks? That’s Beijing’s Tiananmen square. We went there yesterday. It’s vast, big enough for literally a million people.

The 1989 incident is just one of many reasons for the “Great Firewall of China,” the massive content filter manned by the Chinese government.

Subscriber Liz Parrish posted this on my blog the other day:

How a good man died because of bad marketing

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My wife Laura is is by no means a “Marketing Maniac,” but she’s learned a thing or two from years of sleeping with a guy who is.

Laura is heavily involved with relief agencies that serve the poorest of the poor in India and Africa. Last winter she went to a conference in St. Louis where hundreds of charities were recruiting workers and raising funds.

Her comment to me upon arriving home:

“It’s incredibly depressing that the same people who are doing some of the most important work in the entire world are the most abysmally horrible marketers.” And she plunks down a stack of brochures to prove the point.

Memo from a Pink Kool-aid Drinker

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A very frustrated woman wrote to me on my blog and I’m going to show you her note in a minute.

But before I do, a quick bullet:

* If I were to do what a lot of guys do – and teach newbies that the way to make a lot of money on the Internet is by being my affiliate and selling my products – I would be committing some kind of crime.

(A lot of people teach this, and since there’s an endless supply of newbies, a lot of people going through the revolving door get taken advantage of.)

Yes I have a good affiliate program, and yes my products sell well, but: