“Soundbytes from Oz”

Perry Marshall’s Trip Around the World,
September 2004

Dear Friend & Subscriber,

In September 2004 I took my first-ever trip to Australia to speak at the X10 Seminar in Queensland. To make a long story short, this trip took me all the way around our lovely planet, through Fiji, Brisbane Australia, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai United Arab Emirates, Nairobi Kenya, and London. From the tallest building in the world to an AIDS orphanage in Nairobi, this was 28,000 miles and 2 1/2 weeks, of pure fascination.

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Along the way, in sultry cybercafes in Asia and Africa, I penned a crazy travelogue and emailed it to my subscribers. Come with me on this amazing journey and enjoy the photos, sounds, tastes and wonderful people in these unusual places…

Not only will you hear tales of interesting locales, but important business insights are tossed in too: Live updates from the X10 seminar, information about Google, Overture, copywriting and niche marketing.

From Australia: Kangarooville, Pac Man Fever & Geek Revenge

The World’s Most Dangerous Continent

From Malaysia: Bill Gates, Overture and the Crocodile

From Singapore: Kamikaze Street Vendors, Globalization & Z-Man

From Dubai, UAE: Steamy Heat, Uzbekistan Breakfast & GoogleCash

From Kenya: Voyage to the Heart of Africa

From Chicago: “There’s No Place Like Home”


Perry Marshall