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I’m doing a 2-day 4-Man Intensive in London, 2 weeks from now. June 26-27-28, 2012.

The event sold out very fast. At the prodding of my sales staff, I expanded the 2-day 4-Man Intensive to a 3-day 6-Man Intensive. Each person gets a half-day hot-seat. You’ll witness six businesses getting taken apart and put back together.

Never done this before, may never again.

Seat #5 is sold now too. Only Seat #6 is left. Price is £4838 British Pounds.

Once that seat gets sold, there’s a 2nd option which YOU should seriously consider: an Observer Seat.

You can come and watch the whole thing – you get to fully participate, you just don’t get your own hot seat. You’ll sure learn a lot from the others. Cost is £1935 British Pounds.

"So many options for growing my business, but what should I do NOW?" Tell me your most pressing business problems and I'll show you your BEST next step.

Most of the time, that amount of dinero would get you a seminar in some windowless hotel meeting room where you listen to talking heads, watch power points and get pitched for 2 days.

Here, it gets you in a conference room, watching live action with real businesses with real people, totally un-scripted, asking questions, interaction, loving the thrill of adventure.

You cannot possibly predict what you will learn and discover, what ideas it will fire off in your head. All I can promise is that it will tremendously widen your horizons, and it will be an exhilarating, intense experience.

Scoop up the last remaining seat RIGHT NOW at or call Matthew Gillogly at +1-704-389-0165.

Seize the Day!

Perry Marshall

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