Only 1 seat left for London 4-Man Intensive +Note important change

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I’m doing a 2-day 4-Man Intensive in London, 2 weeks from now.

The event sold out very fast. At the prodding of my sales staff, I expanded the 2-day 4-Man Intensive to a 3-day 6-Man Intensive. Each person gets a half-day hot-seat. You’ll witness six businesses getting taken apart and put back together.

Never done this before, may never again.

Seat #5 is sold now too. Only Seat #6 is left. Price is £4838 British Pounds.

Memo from a Pink Kool-aid Drinker

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A very frustrated woman wrote to me on my blog and I’m going to show you her note in a minute.

But before I do, a quick bullet:

* If I were to do what a lot of guys do – and teach newbies that the way to make a lot of money on the Internet is by being my affiliate and selling my products – I would be committing some kind of crime.

(A lot of people teach this, and since there’s an endless supply of newbies, a lot of people going through the revolving door get taken advantage of.)

Yes I have a good affiliate program, and yes my products sell well, but: