Why Email is the most intimate marketing medium

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The ever-insightful Nick Neilson posted this comment on my blog: You won’t catch me trying to work out my “real problems” on facebook. Why? Because nobody knows… nobody knows my sorrows. I search and solve in private. Everybody knows the discomfort of somebody actually posting something vulnerable on facebook – “This is a party man… don’t start your sob story … Read More

Why Obama Won

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HOW did Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney?

SHALLOW ANSWER: Obama’s talking points were more astute, his ads better, his campaign better organized. Democrats raised & spent more money than the Republicans.


Apple vs. Samsung & the Billion Dollar USP

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Everybody who’s into marketing is “supposed to” know what a Unique Selling Proposition, a USP is. And I suppose most do.

But hardly anybody recognizes the true power of it. Allow me to illustrate:

Samsung was just ordered to pay Apple $1 billion dollars for infringing on Apple’s patents and unique designs. Things like…

Roundtable Chronicles for October 4, 2012

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Last year Brad came from Australia to Chicago to repair a sagging business. He’d been killin’ it 4-5 years ago, he was king of his niche. But Youtube and competitors and net gnats gnawed away at his business and by 2011 he was not drinkin’ the happy juice.

Ad Sitelinks – a chisel in your copywriting bag o' tricks

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Ad Sitelinks are the extra links Google gives you beneath ads in the premium listings. Google just announced that they’re gonna enforce you sending each link to separate pages.

I think the best use of Sitelinks isn’t the links to extra pages per se. It’s the ability to flesh out your USP in the very limited space available. Example –

Does it help your kids when….

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“Do you remember your ritual of writing ONE positive thing in a little notebook, every single day?”

“Sure,” I said. I wrote about that several times.

“I’m terribly inconsistent at doing it,” he confessed. But for my daughter’s 9 year old birthday, I gave her a little black notebook. I told her to write down one thing she’s thankful for every single day.

“And you know what? Ever since, she’s been…

The man who had to take 2 years off

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“I got on your list in 2005 and I learned how to build my online business from you. A few years ago my father was diagnosed with cancer. I took off the next two years and took care of him.

“From the day he received the bad news until the day I closed his mouth and eyes and said goodbye to him…

Viacom ads & the Content vs. Pitch death spiral

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This morning at breakfast, my buddy John Fox who writes a marketing blog on the Huffington Post handed me an interesting article. The Wall Street Journal explains how Viacom has been piling more ads onto its TV channels like Nickelodeon.

They’re doing this because…