5-Days to Greater Consulting Success: Day 5

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What’s Your “Why”?

Since you’re in Planet Perry, my guess is you’re NOT a money-grubbing, self-centered profiteer looking to amass as many shiny toys as you can.

No, you have a grander dream. You see the consulting as a means to change your world…and the world of those you care about…for the better.

Like Daniel…

Just wanted to touch base say thanks for the advice during our sessions. I’m still not playing at the level I want to be, but I’m getting closer. The $25K project I mentioned is going well, and I’m in negotiations for a project with another client that’s even bigger.

And these blessings could not have come at a better time.

It has enabled us to do some targeted healing on our son. Rubén is almost ten and has autism. We’ve been doing biomedical intervention on him since his diagnosis at age 2, but lacked the funds for a really big push.

Thanks to what I’ve learned from you, we’ve been able to do just that. Our first stop this summer was Boston, where he was able to get scoped by one of the world’s leading pediatric gastroenterologists, and now we’re down in Florida doing IV treatments at a cost of more than $1K per week.

Even if we had health insurance in this country (which we don’t), they deny coverage for these sorts of treatments as a matter of course. All told, the cost of this trip is likely to exceed $20K.

It would have been an impossible dream without my newly increased ability to “make the rain.” What I’ve learned has been a lifesaver.”

I know you’re working for something grander than just a number in your investment portfolio or a slick new convertible in your driveway.

You want to change your world and the lives of the ones you love.

Your WHY is more important than your how.

But your WHY also drives all the things I’ve been telling you about in this series of posts. Your WHY is what will enable you to implement them.

"So many options for growing my business, but what should I do NOW?" Tell me your most pressing business problems and I'll show you your BEST next step.

Here’s what I mean.

In this sequence I’ve told you…

  • Spend more money to get clients
  • Disqualify clients who don’t meet your criteria
  • Raise your fees
  • Position yourself as an authority

All of those things are easier to do if you have a big, strong WHY.

Here’s an example…

One of my most controversial blog posts was about how I don’t let people I meet at seminars and speaking engagements “buy me lunch.”

In that post I explained that “Can I buy you lunch?” usually means, “Can I pick your brain for some free consulting for an hour?”

I went on to say, that my usual response is, “I’m sorry, you’ll have to book a consultation.”

Lots of people replied to tell me what a greedy so-and-so I was.

“OOOOH Mr. Big Shot can’t take one stinking hour out of his precious schedule to help someone less fortunate!”

No, I can’t.

And it has to do with my WHY.

My big WHY is helping people who are TRULY less fortunate.

I won’t go into specifics, I’ll just let that speak for itself.

And I don’t consider a wannabe entrepreneur living in suburban Chicago with plenty of food on his table every night to be “truly less fortunate.”

I insist that guy pay my consulting fee so I can give that money to the ones who truly are less fortunate.

When I think about my WHY, I have zero hesitation about…

  • Spending more money to find leads and customers
  • Disqualifying anyone who does not fit my client profile
  • Raising my fees and prices
  • Presenting myself as an authority

I have no hesitation about doing the things I need to do to be a high-paid consultant.

Your last homework assignment for this course: Make sure your WHY is strong enough to enable you to do WHAT you need to do.

Carpe diem,

Perry Marshall

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