Welcome to the Waldorf Quarantine Astoria

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If you think COVID-19 is bad, let me take you on a trip back to 1665.

(The book referenced here “A Journal of the Plague Year” can be found on Amazon.)

Video transcript follows:

Hi, this is Perry Marshall, and you shouldn’t watch this video if you’re squeamish. But I’ve got a real serious message for you that, if you’re in the proper frame of mind, will actually be very uplifting.

My friend, Azra Raza, recommended this book to me very recently. This is called A Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe. It is an autobiography of living during the Black Death of London in 1665 and what it was actually like.

In 1665, London’s population was 460,000. 100,000 people died of the plague. It was so bad that black marks would start appearing on people’s skin and it would start puffing up. They would get puffed up with infection, and within a few days or a week they’d be dead. Very often they would go crazy before they died, which sometimes meant that people would literally run naked out of their house and run through the streets and get a bunch of other people infected, before they dropped dead.

They had to make a law that anytime a household had anybody who had the infection, they would immediately station a guard outside the house and forbid anyone to leave. They would paint a red cross on their front door so everybody knew that it was an infected home.

Anybody who had any money or resources fled to get away from it, often spreading the infection with them as they went.

There’s a story of a guy who tried in vain to find a midwife for his pregnant wife. The wife actually had the plague, so he did his best to be the midwife himself, and she gave birth to the baby, and both baby and mother died. Then he died of a broken heart when it was all done.

There were so many poor people that they would take any job they could get, and often the jobs were pulling around what they called the “dead cart.” In fact, if I had to pick another title for this book, I would call it The Dead Cart, because that is the phrase that you see most often in the book. It’s the cart that carries off the dead people. They would just dump their bodies in a giant mass grave in a church yard, then shovel some dirt over the top of the next layer of bodies so that it didn’t spread the infection any worse.

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Nearly all business ground to a complete halt. If you went to the market to buy something, they’d put your money in a jar of vinegar so that it would disinfect the money.

People were fleeing London into the countryside, and if they had a horse, that was a problem because horses can only travel on roads. They had checkpoints stationed on all the towns to keep people from coming in, so people would flee into the fields and they would live in tents and lean-to’s.
There were all kinds of people selling snake oil, which would allegedly cure you of the disease. There were people stomping around proclaiming doom and destruction to everyone. This is what it was like. Any ship that came in from overseas, all the crew had to be quarantined for 30 days before they were even allowed to leave the ship. It was absolutely horrific.

Now, let’s compare it. What have we got right now? I had Chinese food delivered to my house last night, and that’s what we had for dinner. If this was happening 15 years ago, we’d all be texting each other at 5 cents per text message, but as it is, if you don’t have enough money to buy Zoom you can use Skype for free, or you can use Google Hangouts for free, or Facetime or whatever the equivalent is on other platforms.

You can get a hold of just about anybody because you know where they all are. Almost everybody is available to talk, if you want to talk to your friends. You’re not locked in a house with a guard stationed out front, not allowing you to leave.

The government is sending a whole bunch of people – at least people in the lower income strata – $1200 checks. The government has not sent a PPP relief bill to every small business, but at least an appreciable percentage of small businesses have received a loan that is forgivable if you meet certain conditions, and it then becomes a grant.

And guess what? As far as I can tell, only about 0.5% of people appear likely to die if exposed to the virus. I know about 5% of the people who get the virus die, but they’re in recognizable groups of vulnerable stratifications. We don’t really know the statistics, but we know that a lot of people who are exposed to the virus don’t even get it.

So you know what? We are living in the Waldorf Quarantine Astoria. Yeah, it’s hard, but if you think it’s hard, read this.


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12 Comments on “Welcome to the Waldorf Quarantine Astoria”

  1. How does anyone know for sure what caused the Black Plague? How do we know for sure it was not some kind of poison / toxic substance (s) in the water, air, food? I am not worried about some “corona” virus, which is simply a flu virus. Furthermore, under an electron microscope viruses look exactly like exosomes, which are an adaptive response to a poison, whether the poison is chemical or radiation. I am more inclined to believe the “virus” is actually the body’s adaptive response to being poisoned, and a way to get rid of the toxin (by shedding genetic and other material from the cell). In fact, the Wuhan population was heavily vaccinated and 5-G (both being poisons) was introduced there shortly before the outbreak.

  2. It’s not about the lockdown being hard. It’s not about not being able to go to a restaurant. It’s not about seeds, or hospitals going out of business because they are so empty. It’s not about lawncare. It’s not about fishing or little league or golf. It’s not about small business. It’s not about fair or unfair. It’s not about any of the things 100% of the population is talking about. It’s ONLY about the Constitution. They are destroying the constitution. I’d rather die free than live a prisoner of government control.

    1. Yes, what does it take before people realize that we seem to be on the brink of allowing “1984” to become our reality? I know it sounds crazy – impossible, but that must be what the citizens of Nazi Germany thought – “then they came for me”
      First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Socialist.
      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Jew.
      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

      1. Scott – Agreed – 100%. It is only about destroying the constitution and the framework on which this country has been built. If they can decimate it – they can essentially take everything — money, power, everything else. The constitution is the keys to the kingdom and it prevents them from taking all the wealth from individuals.

    2. My family is in self lockin because it was ‘recommended’ that we do so and since we agreed we did it. What gets my goat is our representative government begin to take it upon themselves to ‘command’ people/voters. That is not how our government was set up. These elected officials don’t ‘command’ anyone. They are elected to enforce existing laws and administer public services. Nothing more. London was ruled by an absolute monarchy hence the ‘dark age’ tyrannical methods of trying to control the spread (no pun intended). But it’s known that the ‘officials in charge’ during the black death acted stupidly in repeated ways. One famous act of government stupidity was the slaughter of all the dogs and cats in a misguided effort to stop the spread of the disease. This action did the complete opposite because it was the dogs and cats that were keeping the rat populations at a low level. Thousands of innocent and helpful dogs and cats were slaughtered and as a result, the infested rat population skyrocketed. Its tragic that we live in an era where many in our population convince themselves that ‘they won’t get sick or spread it’ but I am more fearful of elected officials taking guesses by ‘slaughtering the dogs and cats’ of our current plague in a mistaken belief that their ideas are going to help.

  3. The time of the plague is still remembered in works of art, like the book you mentioned.

    The local version in my area is a song about a musician that kept a positive mood and gave hope to people and was quite popular because of that.
    Apparently he was immune because he was thrown into the mass grave when they found him sleeping on the street when he was drunk, but they thought he was dead. Too risky to do a thorough dead/alive check.
    But he didn’t get infected… and he was rescued out of the grave when people noticed him playing music down there.

    The song mentions that everything was lost (or destroyed), in detail.

    This song is still sung, and most people know it.

    BTW, the plague is not gone. It is successfully kept in check with antibiotics, hygiene measures, quarantine, and controlling rat populations with rat poison. The rat poisioning is out of fashion now because there is some collateral damage to cats and dogs (e.g. my home town stopped it). And antibiotics can stop working if bacteria develop resistance. Let’s hope it doesn’t restart on a bigger scale, but there is no guarantee.

  4. Hi Perry,
    The link at the foot of the page will I’m sure be of interest.
    This is nothing to do with marketing, it is more about the Great Plague and is about a small Derbyshire village which is about 30 minutes drive from where I live.
    Best regards,
    PS: This is also where the Nursery Rhyme ‘Ring a ring a roses’ comes from. And the yearly ritual of Well Dressing.


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