My Rant with Brian Kurtz about Entrepreneurs in the Pandemic

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  • abandon ship
  • massive pivot
  • pour gas on the fire

Heads up: Most likely, YOU are in one of these situations.

Chances are very high that if you’re NOT doing one of those three things above…right NOW…you’re not going to come out of this crisis OK.

Recently, I presented at Brain Kurtz’s Titans Mastermind session and I explained why.

Brian is author of the book Overdeliver and one of the true marketing geniuses on the planet. If you don’t know how Brian is, you should. Period. So, I wanted to make sure I overdelivered in my presentation. I believe I did.

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I explained why this current crisis is like wartime.

I drew upon an event from 1836 to reframe everything that’s going on right now.

And I give some very pointed advice for people about how and why they need to be either jumping ship, pivoting HARD, or pouring on the fire. NOW.

Listen very carefully…



Perry Marshall

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Perry Marshall has launched two revolutions in sales and marketing. In Pay-Per-Click advertising, he pioneered best practices and wrote the world's best selling book on Google advertising. And he's driven the 80/20 Principle deeper than any other author, creating a new movement in business.

He is referenced across the Internet and by Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, INC and Forbes Magazine.

4 Comments on “My Rant with Brian Kurtz about Entrepreneurs in the Pandemic”

  1. Wow, this was brilliant and inspiring, loved it. If it’s allowed, I ‘d love to share it with my FB group, which is a tribe of around 1100 current or soon to be high achievers entrepreneurs.

    Main takeaways for me today:
    Serving is selling. Solve the bleeding necks, think ahead, pivot
    This is an agility decade. Normal is dead and over
    Financial assets are devaluing. Right now is when the money is made.

    What’s your Minimum Viable Pivot that will make your business work?

    I took the test and got a 72 (pivot for sure).

    I have to pick 1 media in each of the 4 quadrants (Live/ recorded / text/ av)
    be really good at one to traffic and one to closing sales

    Thanks a ton. FYI, 80/20 book is the only biz book I read 5 times (even made a summary of it in French for a famous books blog).

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