A weird musical experiment for you to try

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A few days ago, I asked myself, “Self, if you could show people ONE YouTube video that best encapsulates what you love about music, what would it be?”

And I answered, “Self, it would probably be Hiromi’s Move.” (Video further down below).

Then I wondered, “Self, what is it you like about that?”

I said, “Well Self, here are a few things I like about that…

Almost nobody else can do this
Insanely complex
Tremendous energy
Odd time signatures/tempos
It makes a big statement, it’s full of ideas
Devilishly complex yet melodic
I didn’t realize it was possible to pull this off live!


Then I asked Fancher, “Fancher, what would you pick?”

And John said, “Perry, I would probably pick Bob Dylan, Shelter from the Storm Live ’76.” (Video farther down below.)

Then I asked John, “John, what is it you like about that?”

He said, “Perry, here are a few things I like about that…

Simple (anybody can do this)
Layers of meaning and metaphor
Puts down strong foundations and then tries to shatter them
Confounds expectations


Fancher and I have a lot in common. We like a lot of the same kinds of music. Jazz, Classical, Rock and Roll. John writes nearly all the promotional copy for Planet Perry. John works on the newsletter with me every month. Nobody spends more time in my head than John Fancher. We are very good friends and our wives and children are too.

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But if you watch and listen to those videos, and look at the list of words and phrases we used to explain what we value about them…?

They could not be more DIFFERENT.

What inspires, energizes, motivates and drives me to be influential and persuasive are VERY different from what inspires, energizes, motivates and drives John.

What does that tell us about US?

I think it tells us a lot about WHAT we should be doing, selling, meditating upon, listening to, and studying if we want to be more persuasive.

I think it tells us a lot about WHO we should be selling to, influencing, persuading and gathering into our tribe.

I think it tells us a lot about HOW we influence, persuade, and gather…and how we can do it better.

And in Rhythm, Soul & Rock ‘N’ Roll we’ll pull that out of you too.

This is not a copywriting course.

We will not drop templates and formulas and techniques for writing.

But you will find out about you…and we will help you pull out the “formulas” that are already inside you.

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Seize yourself,


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