Ad Sitelinks – a chisel in your copywriting bag o' tricks

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Ad Sitelinks are the extra links Google gives you beneath ads in the premium listings. Google just announced that they’re gonna enforce you sending each link to separate pages.

I think the best use of Sitelinks isn’t the links to extra pages per se. It’s the ability to flesh out your USP in the very limited space available. Example –

Results from Facebook ads in 1 day

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Facebook FastTrack student Lisa Ziegler of Nokomis, FL sent in shortly after the class started:

“So….It’s 10:22am EST on Friday. I’ve already gotten 2 conversions from my NEW ad that just got approved this morning. Cost per conversion…..$ 3.27 Cool, Alright, Yeah! :)

Facebook Ads Success Story: 90% Cost Savings

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Thomas Meloche of sells a software tool for accelerated learning. He budgeted $20,000 for advertising on Facebook and getting beta testers. But it only took $2,000 to get the results he wanted – 90% less than he thought.

In this interview, he gives away his $5,000 “Spaghetti Sauce” principle (and yes I agree, it really will turn into a $5,000 tip for some folks!) and talks about the difference between Google advertising and Facebook advertising:

Google Adwords Videos

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