Ad Sitelinks – a chisel in your copywriting bag o' tricks

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AdWords Sitelinks are the extra links Google gives you beneath ads in the premium listings. Google just announced that they’re gonna enforce you sending each link to separate pages.

I think the best use of Sitelinks isn’t the links to extra pages per se. It’s the ability to flesh out your USP in the very limited space available. Example –

How to Write a Book, Fast 
14 Days from Start to Finish 
Unique, Step By Step Program 

1) You could go WIDE – in other words let them know what other things you do:

"So many options for growing my business, but what should I do NOW?" Tell me your most pressing business problems and I'll show you your BEST next step.

Become a NYTimes Bestseller – Appear on Oprah – Get an Agent – Free Publicity

Less obvious – 2) you could go DEEP

Speedwriting – Perfect Your Outline – Hire a Writing Coach – Live Workshop

It’s surprising to me how few people take full advantage of Sitelinks. And here’s a third idea. 3) Punch their emotional triggers, Swiss Army Knife Style:

Become a Celeb – Move the Masses – Leave a Legacy – Get Even With Your Ex

That makes you a contrarian, cuz almost nobody does THAT.

Perry Marshall

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One Comment on “Ad Sitelinks – a chisel in your copywriting bag o' tricks”

  1. I agree – site links are also a great way to extend the ad with info specifically for the different segments of your market.

    A B2B software provider might service 3 main verticals so it could use site extensions to feature a case study or a unique content for each vertical, maybe it’s pharmaceutical, insurance, & manufacturing.

    If you understand the importance of not having 1 sales message for everyone, site extensions are a great way to funnel searchers where they need to be without running different ads – although you could do that too.

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