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Facebook FastTrack student Lisa Ziegler of Nokomis, FL sent in shortly after the class started:

“So….It’s 10:22am EST on Friday. I’ve already gotten 2 conversions from my NEW ad that just got approved this morning. Cost per conversion…..$ 3.27 Cool, Alright, Yeah! :)

She paid 55 cents per click and got 8,053 impressions in just part of a day.

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***Important difference between Google and Facebook:

The cost of a Google click depends on what the person is looking for.

The cost of a Facebook click depends on who’s looking for it.

Right now, most advertisers have no idea how to target the kinds of people they ought to be reaching. So some traffic is super bargain priced.

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3 Comments on “Results from Facebook ads in 1 day”

  1. Hi Perry,

    Just would like to say you gave me a nice tip within the above article about advertising on Facebook.

    I must say I have not adverstised on FB but now that I found a great tip, I will now take on ads on FB.

    Thank you.

  2. That’s great. Converting on Facebook can be tough. In my experience, PPA is the easiest to convert with on Facebook, depending on the offer, of course.

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