A shout-out to the 30-something street fightin' man.

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There’s a phase of life I call the Compression Zone. It looks something like this:

Kid #3 just arrived. Kid #2 is still in diapers and kid #1 is barely out of diapers. The day starts when one of ’em starts screaming at 3:45am and the sweet honey-dew of sleep is OVER.

Momma either stays at home, which means money is impossibly scarce, or momma goes to work and puts the kids in daycare, which means money is… impossibly scarce.

Everybody’s emotional tank is on “E” for Empty. Emotional support? What emotional support.

Memo from a Pink Kool-aid Drinker

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A very frustrated woman wrote to me on my blog and I’m going to show you her note in a minute.

But before I do, a quick bullet:

* If I were to do what a lot of guys do – and teach newbies that the way to make a lot of money on the Internet is by being my affiliate and selling my products – I would be committing some kind of crime.

(A lot of people teach this, and since there’s an endless supply of newbies, a lot of people going through the revolving door get taken advantage of.)

Yes I have a good affiliate program, and yes my products sell well, but: