Why You Should Only Implement 10%

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A lot of people feel GUILTY. All the time.


Because they have all these courses, books and training, and have gone to a bunch of seminars and haven’t hardly implemented any of it.

Guilt. Blame. Self condemnation.

Well, if you’ve done NONE of it, you *should* feel guilty, and get your hind end in gear.

But if you’re like most successful people, you’ve…

"Eddie would go."

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Long-time Mastermind Club members Joey and Jamie Bridges came to my Autoresponder Seminar, the forerunner of our current Autoresponder Boot Camp. He sent me a note the other day that said, “Attached is an e-mail we wouldn’t have written years ago. Thanks to you and your teachings we did and every day someone on our list reads this e-mail.”

Subject: eddie would go

Titanium and the Dan Kennedy Epiphany

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The story I’m about to tell you happened exactly 10 years ago.

I’d been out-of-Dilbert-Cube for 9 months. I had a fledgling consulting practice. I was paying my bills – and desperately trying to grow an info marketing business. Which was proving to be quite a bit more difficult than I’d ever anticipated.

What to do when your entire industry suddenly crumbles

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Imagine this: You’ve dominated the world market for centuries. Leaders in your business enjoy secure incomes and workers earn admirable wages. You’ve created a tradition of dignity, respect and superiority.

Then, unexpected foreign competition swarms in like carrion fowl. Within 24 months they crater your market share, destroy your margins and drive the major players into bankruptcy. Morale plummets, panic ensues. Wholesale economic destruction is imminent.

What will you do now? The future dangles delicately in the balance.

How a good man died because of bad marketing

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My wife Laura is is by no means a “Marketing Maniac,” but she’s learned a thing or two from years of sleeping with a guy who is.

Laura is heavily involved with relief agencies that serve the poorest of the poor in India and Africa. Last winter she went to a conference in St. Louis where hundreds of charities were recruiting workers and raising funds.

Her comment to me upon arriving home:

“It’s incredibly depressing that the same people who are doing some of the most important work in the entire world are the most abysmally horrible marketers.” And she plunks down a stack of brochures to prove the point.

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