4 Comments on “$200 in Facebook Ads gets 250 people to show up at a live event”

  1. It’s important to note one point here. This was an event that was for the general public. Wine is easily consumed as is food. Because it’s a general commodity item, it’s easier to sell in a general commodity space.

    A more specific item may not have the very same impact. I am not saying it’s not a great system at work. I’m just saying that it’s important to note the difference.

    1. Sean,

      You’re certainly right. Piggybacking on your comment about commodity, I think the most interesting thing about this is that FB here is being used to sell something that is a commodity. Which is hard to do. But the event de-commoditizes it.


  2. Perry,

    I’m getting more and more interested with your recent email drips and broadcasts on Facebook ads.

    It may seem I’m a slow builder. I’ve been taking training for the past 2 years, and am building a website. And getting good at keyword research, in fact, have been paid a high hourly rate — at least to me — to teach another business coach for 2 hours.

    I haven’t used paid ads on the internet yet, although I have looked into PPC, read your entire Google Adwords, and have been a Renaissance member for 18 months.

    However, I’ve used these marketing skills on craigslist. Using bonuses and pre-qualifications and solid information and teaching skills and taking over a hundred photos and selecting the best four, I sold a flock of 10 small sheep with integrity in May for $800 in 2 days, in an area it otherwise is very hard to sell for $250-300. Prior to my training, I would have thought it impossible.

    And the people who got the sheep were truly delighted, and even called me 2 weeks later with a favorable report. (I had 2 other solid interested calls before I quickly took the listing down.)

    So my training is beginning to pay off.

    And here is why I’m interested in Facebook ads.

    When what I’m building and testing starts the cash flow, I want the option to take the proceeds and quickly scale-up.

    I know Google’s a tough place. So I want to follow the leader. Good thing you’re ahead of the crowd, Perry.

    And I want to thank you, Perry, for keeping me posted with all your good information. I imagine there’s other people like me, fighting disability and poor health, struggling to get a business up on a shoestring budget, and who need all the encouragement and inspiration and leadership and coaching they can get. (1/10th of the world is disabled, that’s 600,000,000 people. That’s right, six hundred million.)

    That’s a huge untapped entrepreneur niche that I want to inspire by leading the way to marketing success.

    So again, thank you very, very much Perry!

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