Why Email is the most intimate marketing medium

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The ever-insightful Nick Neilson posted this comment on my blog: You won’t catch me trying to work out my “real problems” on facebook. Why? Because nobody knows… nobody knows my sorrows. I search and solve in private. Everybody knows the discomfort of somebody actually posting something vulnerable on facebook – “This is a party man… don’t start your sob story … Read More

David Szetela on Google's Display Network

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In checkers, you win by jumping over your opponent, and the whole thing is pretty one-dimensional.

Chess is a whole new world. You can strike your opponent from 14 different directions. The rabbit hole is endless.

The difference between search and display is a lot like that. You’ve only got so many strategies you can employ in search, but display is super-multi-dimensional.

Let me explain what I mean. On display, you can target based on:

Dysfunctions, Addictions & Financial Burning Bus, part 6

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I told you about Kevin and his financial sabotage, his addictions to sex and gambling.

I shared the story of me having this trigger with my son Cuyler, and most of it going away from a simple NLP session – re-wiring some of my software.

My dad had been a pastor and he’d counseled a lot of people and if you know the stuff a pastor knows, not much surprises you.

Nevertheless I was still in for some surprises.