Why Email is the most intimate marketing medium

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The ever-insightful Nick Neilson posted this comment on my blog:

You won’t catch me trying to work out my “real problems” on facebook. Why? Because nobody knows… nobody knows my sorrows. I search and solve in private. Everybody knows the discomfort of somebody actually posting something vulnerable on facebook – “This is a party man… don’t start your sob story in here now.”

Facebook is social… but it’s not the LEAST bit intimate. On Facebook, everyone puts on their happy face. Sure, sometimes they show their publicly acceptable stinky face. You can air *some* dirty laundry. But only if it’s about “THEM.” And only if it’s sort-of politically correct.

You got a REAL problem to solve? A real itch to scratch? You search Google. In PRIVATE.

Then after that, do you want someone to talk to you straight about real life and real problems? It’s gonna happen in email.

NOT social media.

Even the best blog in the world does not have the intimate feel that email has. (You’re reading this on my blog but it would be more effective if you read it in your email box.)

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That’s why email is the most intimate marketing medium.

Once a friend shared details of a very traumatic experience with me, via email. It was a conversation we couldn’t have had in person, because it was too emotional. Email can be more intimate than a face-to-face conversation.

Email is more intimate than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Or direct mail or print or TV or radio.

That’s why ONE email address is way more valuable than 10 Facebook “Likes.”

It’s the only place where you can reach into someone’s “inner space,” whenever you need to.

(When you do, you betta have somethin’ worthwhile to say.)

When you connect with people in their inner space… THAT is a real relationship. Even if you don’t know them personally.

Once you gain that connection, you own a real asset.

Perry Marshall

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3 Comments on “Why Email is the most intimate marketing medium”

  1. I believe in depends on which generation. If one is Gen Y, they may openly voice out their problems and solve it on social media.

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