David Szetela on Google's Display Network

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This webinar features Pay Per Click expert David Szetela on Google’s Display Network.

In checkers, you win by jumping over your opponent, and the whole thing is pretty one-dimensional.

Chess is a whole new world. You can strike your opponent from 14 different directions. The rabbit hole is endless.

The difference between search and display is a lot like that. You’ve only got so many strategies you can employ in search, but display is super-multi-dimensional.

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Let me explain what I mean. On display, you can target based on:

1. Age

2. Sex

3. Geo Location

4. Top of page

5. Bottom of page

6. Category/Topic

7. Keyword

8. Website

9. Text or Banner

10. Impressions

11. Clicks

12. Conversions

13. Known areas of interest

14. Gmail

…and that’s just off the top of my head.

Not even 10% advertisers are taking advantage of more than 3-4 of these, let alone bringing them all together smartly.

Plus Google has made a lot of recent changes and Dave Szetela has stayed abreast.

Watch the replay here:


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2 Comments on “David Szetela on Google's Display Network”

  1. Really enjoyed the webinar today. Was wondering about getting a download of the presentation to share it with a co-worker that wasn’t able to attend.

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