Does it help your kids when….

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“Do you remember your ritual of writing ONE positive thing in a little notebook, every single day?”

“Sure,” I said. I wrote about that several times.

“I’m terribly inconsistent at doing it,” he confessed. But for my daughter’s 9 year old birthday, I gave her a little black notebook. I told her to write down one thing she’s thankful for every single day.

“And you know what? Ever since, she’s been…

At the bottom of the mountain, nobody can hear you scream. 3pm ET today

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Nobody voyages across land and sea to seek the guru at the bottom of a mountain.

You make “innocent” phone calls: “Hi Bob, I’m just checking up
to see how things are going.”

Which translated means, “I’m even more pathetic and desperate this week than I
was last week, so just call me anytime you want, day or night, and I’ll be here
for ya, you just let… me… know!”

Biggest problem most consultants have is:

Get Equity in your Clients’ Business

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When I escaped the Dilbert cube a month and a day after September 11, 2001, everything in the world hand ground to a HALT. Nothin’ was going on. Everyone was in a state of suspended animation. I remember going to a trade show a few days after the towers went down and all the attendees were milling around in a daze.

But there’s always a few people who aren’t sleepwalking, and they have to keep the trains running on time. So I got a consulting gig and soon after landed a couple more.

Consulting Client #5 was a catalog company…

Sometimes, business success is about bigger things than business.

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Thanks to what I’ve learned from you and Perry, we’ve been able to do just that. Our first stop this summer was Boston, where he was able to get scoped by one of the world’s leading pediatric gastroenterologists, and now we’re down in Florida doing IV treatments at a cost of more than $1K per week.
Even if we had health insurance in this country (which we don’t), they deny coverage for these sorts of treatments as a matter of course. All told, the cost of this trip is likely to exceed $20K.