Adam Kreitman of From Struggling CEO to Respected Rainmaker

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Adam Kreitman, AdWords Consultant at put it like this:

“A few years back I was president of a small, struggling drug testing company. We needed more business but the idea of making cold calls, knocking on doors or spending a small fortune on Yellow Pages and print ads was a vile thought.

So I had to come up with another way to get qualified, motivated prospects in the door.

And it didn’t take long before I discovered one… Google Adwords – a fairly new (at that time) online advertising program.

AdWords proved to be more than just a great way to drive highly qualified leads to our company website. It was the best market research tool I’d ever come across as well (and having worked in market research I’ve seen them all).

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Using AdWords, I discovered a whole new market for the drug testing company that was bigger than the ones we had traditionally been in.

At that point the light bulbs over my head didn’t just go off – they started exploding. I was hooked (on online marketing, not drugs)!”

In this interview with Bryan Todd, Co-Author of The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, Adam tells his story of how he built a lucrative, flexible consulting practice that matched his child’s need for medical care – and now enjoys strong demand for his knowledge:

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3 Comments on “Adam Kreitman of From Struggling CEO to Respected Rainmaker”

  1. Thanks for the interview. I realized that I like Adam get jazzed when I see people ‘get it’. I think that I’m going to pursue online marketing and consulting as a profession. I’ll be checking out the books that both Perry and Todd have written. Thank you!

  2. great insight into the process of developing an adwords campaign with a product that is not straight forward. Also i liked the idea of a sound file on the page that grabbed me and took me away from what I was looking for.

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