Google, Facebook & the Future of PPC (Part 1)

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Google missed their targets last week, for the first time ever. Facebook’s about to go public. Unless they make major upgrades to their ad system, they’re gonna miss their targets too.

What does that mean for you?

AdWords has finally reached a spot where the “water level” is even with other media. AdWords is still the most amazing advertising machine in the history of the world, but click costs have leveled out.

There’s no such thing as a true monopoly in the 21st century. Not for Google, not for Ebay, not for anybody.

Up till now they’ve been able to tweak the algos (widening their kimono on broad match for example, soaking uneducated advertisers with low quality clicks) and meet their Wall Street forecasts.

They can’t do that anymore. They’re in what Thomas Friedman called “The Golden Straightjacket.” They have to work for their dinero.

Is that good for you?

Sure is. If they have another quarter like this, banned accounts are going to start getting phone calls from a friendly Google rep. They might even up the customer service an IQ point or two.

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The other thing Google is doing is extending ad relevance tracking to ALL Google properties. Your Gmail messages will influence what you see on YouTube and everywhere else.

Huge news for Display Network advertisers. I LOVE the display network, it’s the Google playground for advanced practitioners. The privacy people are having a fit (for no good reason, really) but bottom line is:

The quality of your YouTube and Gmail clicks is going to go UP.

—> I’ve told people for YEARS they need to expand into other media like offline, print, email, direct mail. Compared to a $7 click, a 45 cent stamp starts to get attractive. Blending online and offline has ALWAYS been one of the most profitable moves you can make.

Tomorrow in Part 2 I’m gonna talk about Facebook…..

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