Why Email is the most intimate marketing medium

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The ever-insightful Nick Neilson posted this comment on my blog: You won’t catch me trying to work out my “real problems” on facebook. Why? Because nobody knows… nobody knows my sorrows. I search and solve in private. Everybody knows the discomfort of somebody actually posting something vulnerable on facebook – “This is a party man… don’t start your sob story … Read More

Social Media Epiphany at a Neal Morse concert

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The other night I went to a concert in Chicago, with multi-instrumentalist Neal Morse and his extraordinary percussionist Mike Portnoy. Between Neal’s band and two guest bands, it was five hours of Progressive Rock musical bliss.

I noticed something strange and interesting during the concert:

Google+ team leader defects to Microsoft, spills beans

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Google’s engineering director James Whittaker defected to Microsoft, blogging that Google+ has ruined Google. He complains that the once idealistic engineering company is now obsessed with ad revenue and competing with Facebook.

I think Google does have a problem. This is not a problem for YOU as a Google advertiser; in many ways it’s good for you.

I’ll get to that in a second. But yes, it is a problem for Google. Here’s why.

Dumb Money vs. Smart Money on Facebook

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Facebook’s about to go public. A company that sells $3.7 billion of advertising is likely to get valued at $100 billion.

That’s INSANE. But most of what happens on Wall Street is blind lumbering herds of animals getting roped by mercenary cowboys. What matters to you is how this is going to change the landscape.

Bottom line facts:

Why Facebook advertisers are cagey

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Some people are absolutely raking it in with Facebook ads but many are keeping quiet about it. I’ve got a friend named Bill who turned $12,000 of ad spend into $48,000 in 2 months. Another guy from Central America told me he’s turned $1,000 into $200,000. “Mister R” converted $10,000 of ads into $200,000 of business in one year.

Is the Internet constantly changing, all the time?

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Just got off the phone with a guy who said, “It’s SO hard to keep up with the Internet, there’s new stuff happening every single day.”

It’s true… but it’s really a HALF truth.

If you’re paying attention, this 2 minute article will save you about a year of frustration.