DANGER. Biggest change in AdWords in 10 years

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Attention: Google just sliced off the ads on the right side and tossed them in the dumpster. Sort of like divorcing your high school sweetheart and throwing her off a bridge. Seriously. Remember: In the beginning there were ZERO ads at the top of Google AdWords. Now there are 4! Right side is all gone. Bye-bye. Totally changes the game. … Read More

Why Email is the most intimate marketing medium

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The ever-insightful Nick Neilson posted this comment on my blog: You won’t catch me trying to work out my “real problems” on facebook. Why? Because nobody knows… nobody knows my sorrows. I search and solve in private. Everybody knows the discomfort of somebody actually posting something vulnerable on facebook – “This is a party man… don’t start your sob story … Read More

Why Google will now un-ban your AdWords account

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Google’s market cap dropped $24 billion in 30 minutes yesterday. The aftershock so stunned Wall Street, market trading halted for two hours.

Reason why: Google’s printer accidentally published Q3 earnings 5 hours early (OOPS!!!). AdWords revenue was 3% below targets and income was down. BAM – the entire company’s value plummets 9% in minutes.

If Google dumped you for a handsomer boyfriend in the past, I betcha sometime in the next 3 months she sends you an “FIRSTNAME, I’m sorry for my past sins, maybe we could meet for coffee” note.

Ad Sitelinks – a chisel in your copywriting bag o' tricks

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Ad Sitelinks are the extra links Google gives you beneath ads in the premium listings. Google just announced that they’re gonna enforce you sending each link to separate pages.

I think the best use of Sitelinks isn’t the links to extra pages per se. It’s the ability to flesh out your USP in the very limited space available. Example –

Does it help your kids when….

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“Do you remember your ritual of writing ONE positive thing in a little notebook, every single day?”

“Sure,” I said. I wrote about that several times.

“I’m terribly inconsistent at doing it,” he confessed. But for my daughter’s 9 year old birthday, I gave her a little black notebook. I told her to write down one thing she’s thankful for every single day.

“And you know what? Ever since, she’s been…

The implementation temptation paradox

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When I went to my very first internet marketing seminar in April ’02, I came home with a scratch pad jam-packed with notes. It was a firehose of information. I spent the next several months feverishly implementing everything I’d learned.

I’d also spent some serious dinero on honing my writing skills. I’d bought a big box o’ copywriting stuff and I was busily going through that too.

September came along, and with it, another invitation to yet another marketing seminar.

I thought, “How does it make any sense at all to pile on MORE information when I’ve done less than half my notes from just 5 months ago?”

Shame, Curiosity, "RH" and the Best Estudiante Ever

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I was in a meeting somewhere, a mastermind group. With a bunch of different guys who teach and coach. Someone mentioned a guy named Kevin. Said something like “He does everything I tell him to do.”

“You mean Kevin Thompson? Hey, I know him. He does everything I tell him to do too.”

Someone else said, “Me too.”