Dysfunctions, Addictions & the Financial Burning Bus – Part 8

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Today I’d like to talk about some head trash I’ve had to clean out of my own brain.

Very recently I got another Sozo session (I think this was my fifth one in 2 years) and something really interesting came up:

Private Jets.

I don’t know about you, but when somebody says “Private Jet” to me, my knee-jerk reaction is: “WAAAY too much money, too ostentatious, a total waste.”

Now, what’s the truth about a private jet?

The truth is, if your time is valuable enough – like $10,000 an hour – then a private jet is money very well spent.

So why did I have that “ick” reaction to a private jet?

The answer went something like this:

Perry, you don’t trust yourself to be responsible with private jet-type money. You think you’d blow it on something stupid.

Is that true?

No, if I had a private jet I would not do silly stuff with it. Uh, my daughter would not go to prom in my private jet.

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Please understand, this isn’t really about private jets per se at all. It’s about how long a leash I think I can have.

But I got to the bottom of that belief, and solved it.

The take-away I want you to get from this is, you’ll only give yourself as much freedom as you trust yourself with. Many people have deep trust issues within themselves and that’s one reason why they rise to a certain level and then stop progressing.

Anyone who’s done what I do as long as I’ve done it has figured this out:

How far people go has a lot more to do with how clear their head is, than how much knowledge they’ve jammed inside of it.

Perry Marshall

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