Letter of Desperation

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This week I received a desperate letter from a 27 year old guy, a long-time customer who’s “circling the drain,” pleading for help.

I took it to my Roundtable meeting yesterday and read everyone the letter, omitting his personal details.

This triggered a wide-ranging 25 minute conversation among my Roundtable members, spanning…

Dysfunctions, Addictions & the Financial Burning Bus – Part 8

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Today I’d like to talk about some head trash I’ve had to clean out of my own brain. Very recently I got another Sozo session (I think this was my fifth one in 2 years) and something really interesting came up: Private Jets. I don’t know about you, but when somebody says “Private Jet” to me, my knee-jerk reaction is: … Read More

Rainmaker Head Trash part 2

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Transcript of a conversation Matt Gillogly had with a customer last week:

Matt: “How much do you need to make a month to live, really live. Not eat Alpo, not stress out about buying gas. Have peace of mind. How much each month?”