Facebook IPO raised 16 Billion dollars. Now what?

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Facebook went public and their stock went as high as $45. At the moment it’s thirty bucks a share.

Before I talk about how you can earn more dinero with Facebook, I can’t resist pointing out that the advocates of transparency and social involvement are getting sued for not disclosing changes to their forecasts.

Joshua Boswell sent me a link to the financial newsletter “Money Morning.” They declared that Facebook stock is really only worth $7.50 a share. I think that’s a little dour, but I myself wouldn’t pay any more than $15.

So anyway, what does this have to do with you and your quest to get buyers from Facebook ads?

1) General Motors just pulled $10 million of advertising from Facebook because it wasn’t working. Go to www.IsFBforMe.com and plug in the answers for GM. GM gets a 4 out of 10, a pretty low score. General Motors should have consulted my free web tool before they blew their $10 million.

2) Facebook is here to stay. No matter how many lawsuits they get slapped with or how many other social media sites crop up, Facebook will be the 800 pound gorilla for a long time.

3) If Facebook had the DESIRE to build a great advertising interface, they could easily double their $3.7 billion in ad revenue. The question is: Will being a public company force that to happen?

I certainly hope so. But being a public company didn’t successfully force Yahoo PPC to get their act together, and after several years they eventually just merged with Bing.

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So let’s talk about the “IS” world instead of the “should be” world:

-I have numerous clients who are advertising on Facebook very successfully. I believe all of them have an IsFBforMe.com score of 7 or higher. One doubles or triples his money within 30 days on a product that costs over $5,000. He closes the sale via webinar.

-THE #1 problem with Facebook ads is: No “impression cap.” What that means is, one person might see the same ad 50 times because you can’t set a limit that says “Please only show my ad 5 times per day to the same person.”

Insiders tell me an Impression Cap feature is coming. One person said weeks, I estimate months. Subtle as this is, it will be a huge game changer because it would mean a LOT less manual labor, managing your accounts.

I’ll keep you posted.

–> Know this: Nobody is ever going to run their PPC ad system exactly the way you want them to. (Google just bungled a few things in AdWords, catering to the riffraff.) The good news is, few advertisers are willing to master the nuances of Facebook and understand what makes it tick. If you are, you’re in elite company.

Regardless of what Zuck does or doesn’t do with his dysfunctional company, people who use Facebook spend billions of dollars every day and some of ’em will spend it with YOU.

Perry Marshall

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