The man who had to take 2 years off

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It’s the last day of our Rainmaker Alchemist summit in Chicago, where we’re training well over 100 consultants. A gentleman named Ron just walked up to me and told me this story:

“I got on your list in 2005 and I learned how to build my online business from you. A few years ago my father was diagnosed with cancer. I took off the next two years and took care of him.

“From the day he received the bad news until the day I closed his mouth and eyes and said goodbye to him for the last time, I didn’t work on my business at all. 2 years.

"So many options for growing my business, but what should I do NOW?" Tell me your most pressing business problems and I'll show you your BEST next step.

“It was only possible through what you taught me. I just want to shake your hand and thank you for inspiring me.”

W O W. Stories like that make my day.

Most of the time I talk about building your business and I don’t spend all that much time building the dream. But what is business really about? It’s about doing the things that are MOST important to you.

Seriously, do you ever regret building the chops that make it possible to build the business that gives you your freedom back?

Perry Marshall

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