Tannah's plea: Saving Santa's Elves from Ourselves

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My daughter’s humanitarian concerns are currently directed towardsâ…. Elves.

She asked me to forward this to everyone I know.

I decided to put it on my blog and let the world decide. So – here goes:

Did you know that elves work 18 hours a day! And they get paid PENNIES per hour.

Observations & Predictions about Google, as of late December 2008

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If Google lowers the quality threshold to get more exposures and clicks, they win and you lose – by getting lower quality traffic to your site.

AdGooRoo.com monitors millions of search engine results and they are noting a 54% growth in Google’s “first page advertisers”. Google very well may be poised for a record quarter for Q4 2008. That’s what I’m predicting.

7 Interesting Things, Including 2 Offbeat Christmas Gift Ideas….

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-One of this year’s best business books
-The “gearhead version” of Internet history (you’ve heard the jock and prom queen version enough already)
-15 minutes with me and the guys at my office
-The Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot in West Point, Kentucky
-Microloans for Bolivia and orphans in India no longer homeless
-The coolest online service I’ve run across in quite some

Can Google be your next, new sales rep?

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So many small businesses have entrusted their website to marketing staff and creative agencies who think a website is just an online brochure of pretty pictures, maps to your office and plain-vanilla “About Us” pages.

Not only can Google NOT read pictures, so many of the sites I’ve evaluated were so poorly constructed, you’d almost think companies were purposely trying to be invisible to Google.