Band-Aid vs. Permanent

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I have a client who sold his southern plantation house on 2 acres. He moved his family into a one-bedroom apartment. Has been driving a beat up GMC van with 350,000 miles. His daughter sleeps on the couch in his living room. His wife hasn’t bought new clothes in 3 years. He has plowed EVERYTHING into this business. Guess what… … Read More

Why 1000s of corpses washed up on shore… but nobody got mad at ME

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Not long after the massive, heady, exhilarating gold rush of Google Ads… armed guards in Google’s vaunted security towers machine-gunned THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of advertisers. One August morning, countless entrepreneurs woke up with Quality Scores of 1 and minimum bids of $5.00 (when going price for clicks might have been 50 cents or a buck the day before). Recess was … Read More

Advice for Junior Wolverine in the kitchen this morning

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This morning my son Cuyler (age 20) and I were drinking chai & mixin’ it up in the kitchen. We were discussing Cuyler’s #1 frustration. (Hint: What happens when Junior Wolverine hangs out with the Big-Dog Wolverines?) I had to quick run upstairs and shoot this video to capture the spirit of our convo:   P.S. You know that crazy … Read More

Truth Seminar May 21-23 2019. You’re invited.

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On May 21-23 2019, in a gorgeous glass-walled space west of Chicago, nestled in forests and hiking trails, I’m hosting one of the most important seminars ever. It’s Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction. AKA the Truth Seminar. In my career I have created not merely improvements… but total re-inventions that became movements. Not just in marketing, but across many industries: … Read More

Nailing Jello to the Wall

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I read a book about building cabinets. It said, “When you put your panels together, you need to make sure you put your project on a solid surface, not a wobbly table. The symptom of a flimsy table is bent nails.” AMEN BROTHER. And… if that’s true in a wood shop, it’s 3X as true when it’s a business your … Read More

Rob Berkley, Compassionate Business Genius – Part 1

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My good friend Rob Berkley passed last night after a battle with cancer. Rob influenced YOU (whether you know it or not!) because he greatly shaped me. Plus if you’re at all plugged in to the entrepreneur / marketing community, Rob shaped you through many others as well. Me and Rob Berkley A few paragraphs down, I’d like to make … Read More