Financial Sozo Intro & Facilitators

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Sozo is a unique inner healing method that resolves core identity issues at a spiritual level.

I (Perry) am trained in Sozo. One time when I was co-facilitating a session, the participant said, “WOW, when I pray, usually all I hear back is static, but today it is crystal clear!” It is an uncanny experience.

A grown-up's view of 9/11

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I’m only sending this to people who are likely to ‘get’ what I am trying say today, and even though I’m posting it on my blog, I’m not putting it in my public news feed. My wife was moved today by the 9/11 ceremony, the new memorial, the names of the fallen and today’s three-trumpet rendition of Taps. If your … Read More

Building the Facebook Compatible Business

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Just as there’s a series of events that happen as a person comes through a physical front door of a physical store, there’s a specific set of events after the person clicks on your pay per click ad.

Tens and hundreds of thousands of new businesses and billions of dollars grew out of that explosive new development.

So it will be with Facebook ads.

But Facebook is a different animal.

Selling the Impossible Proposition

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A couple of years ago I sent my top customers and affiliates a Christmas gift. It was Caroline Alexander’s beautiful book “The Endurance” which chronicles Earnest Shackleton’s treacherous journey to the South Pole and back, in 1914.

It may literally be the world’s greatest adventure story. He and 27 men sailed to Antarctica with a team of dogs and plenty of supplies with plans to travel all the way across the continent in the summer.