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Perry Marshall has launched two revolutions in sales and marketing. In Pay-Per-Click advertising, he pioneered best practices and wrote the world's best selling book on Google advertising. And he's driven the 80/20 Principle deeper than any other author, creating a new movement in business.

He is referenced across the Internet and by Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, INC and Forbes Magazine.

62 Comments on “Building the Facebook Compatible Business”

  1. PERRY YOUR a genius, started the ad words book how SWEET is that piece of gold, enough brown nosing. i have opened a shopify store in golfing products & i got a 6.2 on the score for Facebook. One of our signiture products a unique product that is an invention by a NZ golf pro & its been seen by some pros & they love it.. Tiger Woods Caddy even commented he loved the idea & Tiger himself loved it but unfortunately we cannot use him (what a shame) i wanna see if i should get this book about facebook too & promote this on facebook as well or should i just do one step at a time & get an adwords campaign up first (am i biting off too much) we have the store up but not to the public just yet, Its a few more tweeks away & the final prep for the golf aid is almost weeks away prob 2 weeks, what are your thoughts .. & thank you F#*king love your work man

  2. Is there too much market saturation for Facebook ads in the Real Estate profession? I am a Realtor in Toronto, Canada (50k+ registered Realtors) – obviously the product is our knowledge and ability to help in the purchase and sale of a house. There is a wide spectrum of services each Realtor will offer from free staging to free home evaluations – just wondering if Facebook ads would serve as a good Lead Generator?

  3. I don’t need to purchase your book as I already have a copy. It was while reading it, that I went online to get my score, which is unfortunately only 2.7. My business is B2C and I have tried to follow the rules for SEO setups that should get my site going. After nearly 8 months, I am not getting any buyers. I need help with advertising so I purchased the “Ultimate Guide To….” series of books to see how to use social media for advertising. Yours is the first of the books I started reading and I am still looking forward to the help you can give me with Facebook while posting such a low score. By the way, I went to Ebay to start selling my products and did sell three items in 10 weeks. My Ebay and Paypal fees nearly outpaced my income on what I sold. That truly sucks.

    So, I am looking forward to see what kind of help you can provide a 73-year old retiree who has spent an enormous amount of money establishing a site, is paying the debt off slowly, and has spent additional funds for books that might just lead me into the best path to sell my product. Just to let you know, I am a reseller for Gift Baskets. I am thinking of trying to add the selling of gift basket components (from wholesale dropshippers) as well as instructions for creating your own baskets (using guides that I have found on Pinterest) and therefore expanding my business yet staying within the category I selected as a fun way to earn some additional funds to add to my retirement.

    Using Facebook to sell my products may be out of range for me, but I need something and thought you might have some fundamentals for me to use to get my product selling. Adding gift basket creation activities sounds exciting to me too, but may be out of my ability to sell along with my already established site and Ebay selling. I wanted so much to reach the younger generation and get them into giving (and creating) along with the middle class who loves to give gifts but can never find a good choice.

    So, if you can help, without costing me another arm and a leg (I am over $30,000 in debt with the company who is coaching me into oblivion), it would be more than appreciated. I am still doing SEO setup on my site and changing a lot of pictures, so please don’t judge me by that “book cover”. I have a lot more work to do and, as you know, it all takes time.

    Please do not call yet. Just let me know where I stand and some chapters in your book to study and use for the time being.

    Thank you.

    1. You cannot make money reselling gift baskets. There’s no margin in that after you’ve spent advertising money. And if a company who is coaching is telling you that you can, they are charlatans who rip of 73 year old ladies.

      Do not spend money on coaching programs. Read our Facebook book, and find something that’s unique with high profit margins that you can sell.

  4. Dear Perry,
    My score was 8.3. I recently bought and read your 80/20 book and LOVED it! Who ever thought I’d be sitting in a parking lot waiting for my daughter to finish her job interview and there I sat crying- while reading a book on business?! Will be implementing the 80/20 principles for a kickstarter in the near future.

  5. My product creates the beauty of wallpaper w/o paper. It has 400 beautiful designs which can be applied on any surface with any paint. A complete wall can be done in 20 minutes. The only competitor is in China, they only make 40 designs and their up-front design costs are very high. Now my problem: I’m 75 years old and looking to retire. Any advice on how to find a buyer for my business?

  6. Mr. Marshall,

    Would this book help me with promoting copywriting/marketing services on FB? I’m asking because it’s not really a traditional brick-and-mortar business, more of as a freelancer.

    Thanks sir!

  7. Thanks. Buying the book. Interesting… I’ve been considering MM club for a while. But our ad budget is small and I wasn’t sure I could justify the cost quite yet.

  8. Hi Perry (and team),

    Longtime fan. Your guide to Adwords helped me get my business–an overnight surf camp for kids in the Outer Banks, NC–off the ground about a decade ago. Since then, Adwords has been almost my only form of paid advertising. But lately I’ve felt the need to give FB a try. And…I just scored a 10/10, so apparently I do! My question, before buying the book, is this: Are there parts of the book that are already becoming outdated? Are you currently offering supplements to address the changes FB has made in the last couple of years? For instance, I noticed in my little bit of experimenting with FB that almost all of my clicks are coming from the Audience Network (rather than the News Feed or right column), which is as I understand it, is a very new phenomenon. Thank you again. Your work has truly blessed my work for a decade now.

    1. The book is definitely worth buying. Technical wise, the screen shots etc are sometimes out of date but the broader strategy is rock solid. Also, shortly we will be adding a new stream of FB information to Mastermind – stay tuned. MM club is definitely worthwhile. Pay close attention to everything we talk about re: “Maze 2.0” or “PPC 2.0” – there is a big shift happening.

  9. I bought the Adwords book after a year of my own learning curve and tripling our revenues. Now I want to lower our cost and increase margins. As criminal defense law firm, the keywords we must bid on are fiercely competitive and I’m hoping your book helps lower costs. I’ve also done some Facebook ads and broke even. The hard part there was negative remarks and bad taste left because the FB community doesn’t always embrace those of us who help accused drug dealers or drunk drivers go free. Your tests didn’t seem to fit my business so I’m hoping to find info relevant for my niched service model.

  10. already bought the book. Now trying to figure it out. I have multiple businesses and am trying to decide which ones to pay Facebook to advertise.

  11. Hi, Perry Pink Floyd Rules Dude! (Hey Teacher Leaves Them Kids Alone!)”All And All It’s Just A Nothing Brick In The Wall.” I heard your interview with Joe Polish & Dean Jackson on the “I Love Marketing” Show. I took your IsFB4Me test and scored a 9.5! I’m in the entertainment business I’m the founder of Flagg’Em Down Entertainment Inc. A Independent Record Label/Management company. Perry this is my passion helping unsigned independent artists teaching and guiding them so they can create a buzz, grow their fan base, bring their fans to their shows, sell their merchandise at their shows. But most of all develop a deep trusting bond with their fans so they will have a great lifetime value with fan. All at the same time building the value of my company and differentiating me from my competition like P Diddy (Bad Boy) Jay-Z (Roc-A-Fella Records) ect. Perry I’m interested in providing info products that will teach artist how to use direct response marketing strategies to help them grow, bond and monetize their fan base. I’m heading over to Barnes & Noble today to get your book. Keep up the great work! You Rock!

  12. Perry, I bought your book “Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising” and am busy reading through it. It came highly recommended to me by a person who has had much success with Facebook advertising thanks to your book. Can’t wait to get started advertising on Facebook.

  13. Hi Perry, I am halfway through your 80/20 book – brilliant. I took the quiz and scored 7.3 We have a high end portrait photography business and a FB page with 1200 Likes. I’m looking forward to reading your FB book. Is it available as an ebook? Faster delivery for me is the goal as I’d like to read it and action it over the Christmas break.

  14. Anything by Perry Marshall is golden for my business. I will admit that Facebook has not been my favorite medium, but with a test score of 7 out of 10, this marketer WILL be studying Perry Marshall on Facebook. Thanks for the many valuable resources.

  15. Hello Perry,
    The techniques and knowledge you share is astounding!As a new business start-up, Club 21 Travel leadership can now entertain new ideas/concepts based on 21st century strategy. You know the saying, “out with old and in with the new”. Our organization feels very blessed to have discovered the “Perry Marshall” teachings as the timing is impeccable for us. We look forward to learning and discovering more about how to transform our new working attitudes!

    Thanks, you are a God send!

    Club 21 Travel Leadership

  16. Good Day;
    I participated in your FB test and we scored a 3.2
    Our company provides a service, and I seem to feel the test is more product related. Am I correct in my thinking? Is this still viable for a service provider or do you recommend a different set of strategies.

  17. Did the Is FB for Me challenge; get the pop-over about buying the 80/20 book. There’s no place on that form to say, “I already own it.” That would be interesting to me; don’t know if it matters to you.

  18. I sat on the floor in Barnes & Noble Book Store reading books on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Your book
    popped out and stood way above the rest! I bought it and my company rated an 8.8 on your test! I’m educating myself for Facebook Advertising with you!
    Thanks for being,

    1. Thank you and welcome aboard! Interesting aside: Some of our best customers come from real physical bookstores, ie people who sit on the floor and sort through the pile. Wonderful to hear.

  19. I already have your book and thats where I found this page.
    We are located in New Zealand and our business specialised in the health and beauty properties of manuka honey and oil based skin treatments. I am particularly interested in how we can use Facebook advertising to reach an international rather than local market, any recommendations?

  20. Not trying to pick a fight…but in years past this kind of thing would absolutely have set me off as well.

    But considering the number of aha moments and business-changing information I’ve gotten solely from Perry over the years (without counting anything from his guests/interviewees/partners), I’ll listen to Perry with “nails on the chalkboard” as background music, and still do whatever it takes to extract the info.

    Hope you aren’t missing the considerable number of gold nuggets that are found in Planet Perry for the lack of a perfect recording…


  21. My company, international multibillion dollar business closely tied with government/home/military every aspect of life it seems…. we have a FB profile, but i sware up and down that more could be done with it…. we’ve mad some major good marketing moves including sponcorship of the NFL… that WEB 2.0 is like the most foreign language known to my business…. that should change

  22. Just to let you know that there are some disadvantages to having face-book style universal logins: my own WordPress/Gravatar was hacked and used fraudulently against me. There was no redress and the webmaster would do nothing about the problem (not very clever for a so-called English gentleman).

    So I did something about it myself.

    I used a different Gravatar, and made this one – the one my Troll was using something that explained the situation to others. What I didn’t realize was that this was being used on this site too.

    Security from firms like* and WordPress/Gravatar is not very strong – and I would strongly urge anyone using them to be very careful of what information they make public through their services. (*The fraudulent emails I get purporting to be from a friend always comes through and no other email service: it is not secure and I know how it happens since I have a Bitly account).

  23. I would like to add something here, and it covers also your latest campaign. I want to build my company anew, but I want to spend money in my local community and keep local people who I know involved and employed. I don’t mind not earning $100 000 – as long as I am comfortable and those around me still have jobs and pay taxes and get to shop in the local shops that we still have in our village.

    It was these things I never had in the UK, and would have died for – and now I have them, I don’t want to lose them for they are too precious, and too many people have jobs making bread and cutting flowers and cooking food in the local restaurants.

    If it costs me 25% extra to have this service, it is a price well worth paying because that money will come back to me in some way or other.

  24. Hi Perry

    I am back in business in the new year – and I already have a client who is interested!!! In times like these, I am being cautious.

    The one thing I really love about your Facebook ideas is their insight: you could not have come up with a stunning idea like the Facebook handshake without realizing what was going on.

  25. thank you for bringing out a book on facebook. I did not know where to begin. Now I have a step by step guide to follow. thanks!

  26. Thank you, Perry!

    Your tips on Adwords helped me very much! Just bought your “The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising,” hope it will help me the same way with FB.
    I count on you! :-)

  27. Yes I agree! FB is a different animal..

    *** Google is the YellowPages
    *** Facebook is the Coffee Shop :-)

    Great analogy Perry!

  28. Great blog! Thanks for the simple and clear information that you provided about facebook. I like the analogy that you used which is a coffee shop. I appreciate the ideas that you brought up. Best of success to you.

  29. Hey Perry,

    Thanks for this article, I kinda knew I should be using facebook more, but never seem to have got round to it.

    Going to listen to the calls now…

    Sally :)

  30. My submission to the influencer “be the 60th presenter” twitter contest asking for people’s recommendations for increasing their digital influence in the coming year:

    #influencer Ultra-Relevant Entertainment – Google’s Revenge of the Nerds + Facebook’s Fast Times at Ridgemont High = Digital Influence ++

    “Ultra-Relevant” entertainment – using what we’ve learned from Google and leveraging social media to become the life of the crowd at increasingly esoteric parties.

    Geez Perry – for an adwords consultant you sure help me with a lot of stuff. :)

  31. Can someone please teach Perry Marshall microphone and interview technique.
    All his webinars are filled with distorted interruptions, at least 60 db’s louder than the guest, who is telling you something you want to hear.

    1. Not trying to pick a fight…but in years past this kind of thing would absolutely have set me off as well.

      But considering the number of aha moments and business-changing information I’ve gotten solely from Perry over the years (without counting anything from his guests/interviewees/partners), I’ll listen to Perry with “nails on the chalkboard” as background music, and still do whatever it takes to extract the info.

      Hope you aren’t missing the considerable number of gold nuggets that are found in Planet Perry for the lack of a perfect recording…


  32. The coffee shop analogy is spot on. People join Facebook to make friends and engage in dialog about common likes, dislikes, etc. It makes sense that businesses that deal with art, entertainment, music, and so on will do well on FB. Thanks for the insights!

  33. Perry, nice to know your’e close enough with a phone # no less. Many others have e-mail as the only communication. How do I get into this, and get started in making a living in my new career/life changing world? Time is of the essence. Thanks scott

  34. Thanks Perry, as ever you give concise and sensible advice. My problem – as ever – is that as I am quite useless at advertising. I need to sort out how I should present my business before even thinking about advertising it.

    Having said that, the ideas and thoughts you share with us gives me some idea of the direction I should be travelling in, and the things I should be working on.

    Following my registration for your newsletters, I am much more aware of the responses I get through my website [don’t laugh, I had it mauled by my friends last week, and it will be improved!]. So: the things you have said have already made a difference to me. Thankyou

  35. I had found Facebook to be a problem for my niche as they have disqualified my one ad over thirty times. It’s hard to read their minds over there as they won’t tell you what’s specifically wrong with your ad.

    I look forward to the training that you’ve just come out with! It’s very timely for me and FB is just too big to ignore!

  36. Perry,

    I am so excited by the opportunity that is presented with Facebook. Google Adwords was just not my cup of tea – it just isn’t the way that I think and operate, so of course, I struggled. Facebook’s purpose and feel is more suited to the way I want to work as a marketer – so I know why it has been easier for me to get set up and pull in leads. The tweaks and mindset suggested by Drew will make it even better for me now! Your recommendation just solidified my feeling about Facebook – I know I can go full tilt for myself and my clients to make even more money.

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