Ad Sitelinks – a chisel in your copywriting bag o' tricks

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Ad Sitelinks are the extra links Google gives you beneath ads in the premium listings. Google just announced that they’re gonna enforce you sending each link to separate pages.

I think the best use of Sitelinks isn’t the links to extra pages per se. It’s the ability to flesh out your USP in the very limited space available. Example –

The man who loved to help too much

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He brought his sales manager with him, and we started peeling the layers of the onion.

I quickly discovered his #1 problem is:

He LOVES to help people. LOVES to solve clients’ problems. Loves to apply his knowledge, experience, and insight.

He hates to say no.

So much that he over-delivers and under-charges. Chronically.

Ari Galper on the power of Dads

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Ari Galper is the creator of the zero-pressure sales philosophy “Unlock The Game.” I got this note from Ari today:

“You’ve been talking a lot about how much a son needs his dad’s re-assurance and…