How to lose 36 million dollars per hour

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I always say there are 3 kinds of work:

  1.     $10 per hour
  2.     $100 per hour
  3.     $1000 per hour

But there are not three. There are five.

#4 is:

Earning $10,000 per hour.

That seems almost unfathomable to most people. But almost EVERYONE has earned $10,000 per hour.

For example:

*You’re on the phone with a vendor who’s installing a new phone system. You take an extra three minutes to ask a couple more questions and negotiate a $50 per month feature for free. You use that phone system for 4 years.

In just 3 minutes you just saved yourself three thousand dollars.Do the math: $60,000 per hour. Simply because you had the courage to ask a few questions and ask for a better deal.

Which brings me to the 5th kind of work:

“Negative 1 million dollars per hour.”

Example: It takes 2 seconds to demolish a $20,000 car.

During that two seconds you’re losing 36 million dollars per hour. (A major secret to success is not making huge blunders :^}

What is "80" and what is "20" for your business right now? Take my 2-minute quiz and I'll show you where you'll get the highest compound interest on your time and money!

Each day contains pivot points that are completely invisible to most people. Almost nobody realizes that some time in the next hour, a $1000 per hour opportunity is going to arrive, then slip by unnoticed.

This is the focus of 80/20 Productivity Express. Currently my time bills at $2,500 per hour. I’m going to show you how I set up entire days or weeks of $1000 per hour work, by paying attention to those elusive, transitory $10,000 and $100,000 per hour events that often only last a minute or two.

I’ll show you how you can, too.

My cash-back guarantee is, it’s the best $299 you’ll spend this year:

Perry Marshall

P.S.: A day of $1,000 per hour work is only made possible by a brief, $10,000 per hour burst of inspiration that precedes it. You MUST escape wage slave mentality to experience this!

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Perry Marshall has launched two revolutions in sales and marketing. In Pay-Per-Click advertising, he pioneered best practices and wrote the world's best selling book on Google advertising. And he's driven the 80/20 Principle deeper than any other author, creating a new movement in business.

He is referenced across the Internet and by Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, INC and Forbes Magazine.

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