1) A million distractions 2) Six essentials 3) a big HEADS UP

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Doesn’t it seem like the gap between what you “should be doing,” and what you can actually do, grows wider by the day?

(Not to mention the gap between what you’re attempting to do right now and what you can actually finish….)

If you find yourself feeling discouraged, it’s not hard to understand why…

Stick with me because in 1 minute you’re going to start feeling better.


Are you prepared to keep up with streaming video, podcasting, Delicious, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, MySpace, Stumple Upon, LinkedIn, Xanga, Furl, Techorati, MisterWong and 875 other tweaks?

Remember, by 7 o’clock tomorrow morning your email box will have two dozen more things you’re “supposed to do.”

Most of this stuff is not even worthy of your attention.

The more people I coach, the more convinced I am that the NUMBER ONE ENEMY to your success is constant, relentless, never-ending DISTRACTIONS. All they do is enslave you.

The secret to conquering this discouragement and getting real traction is knowing what to eliminate, and eliminating it swiftly and without remorse. Success is a process of elimination.

2) 6 Essentials

In my experience, the foundation of a stable and profitable Internet business is having six systems in place. Just six:

1. Market Research
2. Properly built Pay Per Click campaign
3. Conversion Tracking
4. Split testing of key sales elements
5. Seductive copy
6. Automated Email follow-up

That’s it. Just six. You can build a $1 million business, or in some markets, a $10 million business, with just those six things. Everything else is bells and whistles. All the other kinds of traffic are great but I see them as gravy. They serve to expand your empire beyond its original, core foundation.

You might already have good SEO, a blog, banner ads and whatever else, and that’s fine. But if you are missing any of these six essentials, you’re leaving all kinds of money – LOTS of money – on the table.

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If you’re focusing on anything else before the SIX are in place, you’re squandering precious time. But most of all you’re clogging your life with frustrations and complication and headaches.

If competitors are breathing down your neck, all the DIGG bookmarks in the world won’t save you.

Now…. there’s just one problem with these six things:

They’re all friggin’ complicated and every single one of them is harder than it sounds.

If you don’t have all this in place yet, don’t beat yourself up. It’s technical and there’s always some unexpected hangup when you try to set it up.

(Less than 1% of my customers, let alone everybody else, actually has all six firmly in place.)


Let me tell you, the ones that do have the six… they kick ass. They dominate markets. No, let me put it differently: They rule entire online kingdoms. They’re feared by their competitors, they make serious dough, and they’re doggedly difficult to displace. If the creek rises, everyone else drowns, and then when the water goes back down, guess who’s left standing?

Did you know that being #1 in your market is vastly easier than being #5? As well as being about 20 times more profitable? That’s where you want to be.

3) A Big Heads-Up

On Tuesday January 20 I’m announcing a new way to get the Six Essentials done. As in, Crossed Off Your List.

Nothing like this has ever been seen before.

The most important thing I can tell you about this is: It has the potential to not only complete a whole bunch of unfinished projects, but also liberate you from a slew of tasks that you probably thought you’d be stuck with forever.

There’s freedom on the other side.

Watch your email for Tuesday’s Big Announcement.

Perry Marshall

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Perry Marshall has launched two revolutions in sales and marketing. In Pay-Per-Click advertising, he pioneered best practices and wrote the world's best selling book on Google advertising. And he's driven the 80/20 Principle deeper than any other author, creating a new movement in business.

He is referenced across the Internet and by Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, INC and Forbes Magazine.

6 Comments on “1) A million distractions 2) Six essentials 3) a big HEADS UP”

  1. Adwords and social media are apples and oranges.

    I have nothing against a person who can get 1000 visitors to his site for no cost via social media. The caveat is: 1) Can you do so reliably, and 2) how much effort does it really take.

    On the Internet, by generating really interesting content and putting it in the right place you can EARN “free” traffic (no traffic is really free, ever, of course) and you don’t necessarily have to spend one thin dime to do it.

    It’s going to take you some amount of time. There are a lot of people who blog every day for a year and have nearly nothing to show for it.

    Most successful businesses that I’ve seen online have PPC as a key component. Chris Cardell of Cardell Media (a respected consultant in the UK) made the same observation. You don’t have a real business until you have control over your ability to get traffic. A business that depends on acquiring new customers for free, isn’t a business.

    This also depends on what you mean by market research and it also ties into the “get traffic reliably” question. Most people haphazardly post articles and blog comments and bookmarks and have no idea what kind of traffic they’re really getting or who it is. If you survey a nebulous crowd of people that you can never be sure of getting again, how useful are your survey results?

    When I say Market Research I’m talking about something very systematic ie Glenn Livingston’s methods (http://www.LivingstonReport.com) not just casual investigation of what seems to be hot out there.

    If you get traffic from content you’ve posted on a popular site with very focused traffic and well defined audience than that’s a totally different story. Point is, good market research comes from very definite audiences and it presumes the ability to go back to the same or similar audience again and again and again. That’s why I like AdWords – you get pretty consistent traffic from any particular keyword, for the most part.

    It’s also why I like Glenn’s methods – because if you can get consistent traffic and find out the right things about them, you can reliably sell to them too.


  2. Hi Perry,

    I am one of your faithful readers who loves reading your material. I would like to ask a question. Many marketers ask this question very often and I have been asked many times. Looks like it is a never ending argument between Adwords lovers and people who resent Adwords: which way is it better to start your market research on-line? Google Adwords or social media (such as social bookmarking like Digg, Delicious, Yahoo Buzz and Stumble Upon, etc. or Adwords)?
    Your article definitely suggests Adwords as it says all this social media requires too much time and it is way too complicated and it is way too much of a distraction.
    On the other hand, many people argue that you can bring a lot more visitors to a startup site for market research purposes by using social media and simply ask them in a blog whether they like the product or service you are about to introduce or not, instead of spending money on Adwords (many people do not have as much cash lying around these days as they used to).
    I wrote an article in which I outlined the reasons (from an Internet marketing point of view) I thought why President Obama won the elections in November last year. I argue there that his success was due to his extended social media marketing efforts on the Internet. However, I also saw him purchasing Adwords as well.
    Honestly, personally for me the Adwords or social media question is like the egg or the chicken problem.
    I would highly appreciate your input.


  3. 6 systems to implement. When put out in plain site it is a great roadmap to success. My brother and I tell our clients they need just 4 systems sending them leads and they will never have to worry about having business. In fact we confess that we only run 2 systems and we close business every single month (we just have to keep the two running).

    I like the fact that #1 on this list is Market Research and #2 is PPC. It really shows the foundations is all about making sure you attack a market that is worth attacking and anyone who was on the last bobsled(my brother and I) heard how to implement these and we have been on a quest to finish them (with oversight by the PM organization).

    Great to know their are only 6 it gives us something to print and cross off the list as we finish.

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