Rainmaker Head Trash part 2

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Transcript of a conversation Matt Gillogly had with a customer last week:

Matt: “How much do you need to make a month to live, really live. Not eat Alpo, not stress out about buying gas. Have peace of mind. How much each month?”

Guy: I charge $200 an hour…

Matt: No, what do you need/want a month.

Guy: Ummmm……. long pause….. maybe $5,000 a month?

Matt: Maybe? why don’t you tell me what you really want..

Guy: Okay… $8,000 a month

Matt: So do you think you can get it from dry cleaners?

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Guy: no…

Matt: Then why are you focusing on the local market?

Guy: Cuz no one is out there helping these guys.

Matt: Ever think no one is in the market cause there’s no money in it?

{long pause…}

Matt: I have one client that pays me $3,000 a month and they’re in industrial businesses… they gross about $50 million a year… is that a market?”

Sidestep the local dry cleaner merry-go-round & get to the real money fast:


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