Why Obama Won

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HOW did Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney?

SHALLOW ANSWER: Obama’s talking points were more astute, his ads better, his campaign better organized. Democrats raised & spent more money than the Republicans.


USP King vs. Fiverr Slave

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Fiverr is the place where people do almost anything for you for five bucks – from the ridiculous to the sublime. It’s fast and easy and surprisingly reliable.

People will do nutty jobs for you like sing happy birthday to your wife in Farsi. But they’ll also do really useful stuff like background checks or research or quick & dirty Photoshop jobs.

If you’re a buyer, it’s fantastic – it’s freakin’ unbelievable…

Apple vs. Samsung & the Billion Dollar USP

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Everybody who’s into marketing is “supposed to” know what a Unique Selling Proposition, a USP is. And I suppose most do.

But hardly anybody recognizes the true power of it. Allow me to illustrate:

Samsung was just ordered to pay Apple $1 billion dollars for infringing on Apple’s patents and unique designs. Things like…

Rainmaker Head Trash part 2

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Transcript of a conversation Matt Gillogly had with a customer last week:

Matt: “How much do you need to make a month to live, really live. Not eat Alpo, not stress out about buying gas. Have peace of mind. How much each month?”

Why Facebook advertisers are cagey

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Some people are absolutely raking it in with Facebook ads but many are keeping quiet about it. I’ve got a friend named Bill who turned $12,000 of ad spend into $48,000 in 2 months. Another guy from Central America told me he’s turned $1,000 into $200,000. “Mister R” converted $10,000 of ads into $200,000 of business in one year.

Phone call from my old boss who fired me

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It was Friday. I was about 10 minutes late arriving at work. Before I could put my lunch in the refrigerator, Wally & Fred called me into Wally’s office.

Something did not feel right.

“Perry, we’re going to have to let you go. Things just aren’t working out and it’s time to turn you loose.”