Can Google be your next, new sales rep?

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So many small businesses have entrusted their website to marketing staff and creative agencies who think a website is just an online brochure of pretty pictures, maps to your office and plain-vanilla “About Us” pages.

Not only can Google NOT read pictures, so many of the sites I’ve evaluated were so poorly constructed, you’d almost think companies were purposely trying to be invisible to Google.

An odd characteristic that almost all advertising geniuses share…

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…is a deep appreciation for the work of the great marketing masters, especially those of the early 20th century. Your typical average marketer or marketing-wanna-be has little interest in people like Claude Hopkins, John Caples and David Ogilvy… but almost invariably, if you’re at a seminar and you find the very best copywriters in the room huddled together on a … Read More

Perry’s Greed

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“…Even old John D Rockefeller realised his greed and started giving his money away. Then theres Perry Marshall he won’t go to lunch with eager students and share his knowledge without getting paid. You can rationalize all you want, but your response was arrogant and greedy. Let me summarise, what you did was Bull [email protected]#$%…”

Online Marketing: Need it be a Lonely Business?

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I’ll come right out and admit it – one of the reasons I “retreated” into the world of online marketing was, I was tired of being rejected by people.

For several years I was pounding pavement and knocking on doors and dialing for dollars. And for the most part this was NOT successful. I had nothing but moths in my wallet and I was seriously burning out. I was reaching a point where I just couldn’t take the constant diet of rejection anymore.

Thankfully I changed jobs (this was in the early Internet days, about 10 years ago) and the new company had a website. A website that was actually producing good sales leads every day.