Diary of a Professional Learner + MAJOR announcement

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When I was in Amway, 21 years old, trying as hard as humanly possible to become the next Diamond MLM superstar sensation, I’m pretty sure the hundreds of people who said “NO” (my friends and my parent’s friends) said no because they could tell I was cut out for way bigger stuff than that. Pink Koolaid notwithstanding, that was a … Read More

Evolutionary Strategies of Mother Nature

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Perry Marshall at Notre Dame “Evolve Your Business by Stealing Innovations from the Greatest Source” NOTE: If you want to skip the backstory right to the biology business lesson, that starts at the 18:00 minute mark.   In business, just like in nature, tiny incremental improvements are not enough. If your business strategy is tweaking, optimizing, and kaizen continuous improvement, … Read More

Perry on God.tv

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Some time ago, I was a guest on GodTV’s God @ Work television show, hosted by Rich Marshall (no relation). The show highlights how God is at work in people’s lives around the world. On my episode, I explored the power of God at work in MY business. (Trust me, you can’t make this stuff up.) Click here to watch … Read More

30-Minute MBA in Persuasion & Articulation

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The video below is something you MUST watch, from beginning to end. 30 minutes. This video all by itself is a mini-MBA in the highest art of marketing. It represents the finest of how Social Media *should* be used – to inform, question, reveal, positively provoke, and educate. It stands in stark contrast to what Social Media is *usually* used … Read More

Bitcoin Nuclear Winter and my 2013 Prophecy

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Bitcoin is $10,987 USD as of 8:07 am Wednesday November 29 2017. I saw this coming four years ago. Just over a year ago I called it again. At Tim Francis’ 80/20 Summit in Banff Alberta. Bitcoins were $600 then. *** I made the following PREDICTION on November 5, 2013 and sent it out to members of my Renaissance Club: … Read More

Jordan Peterson at Harvard: What are you supposed to do with your life?

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Dr. Jordan B. Peterson’s interview at Harvard University, where the host asks: What should students aspire to? Peterson’s answer is a absolute barn-burner. Watch this 10 minute video. Then please scroll down because I have some very important remarks. What is your education for? This question is SO important. This is what an education is for. What Peterson said right … Read More

United Airlines CEO supplies a [email protected]#$%-ing priceless lesson for us all

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Just too painful to watch! (It’s the customer service Darwin Awards story of the year)   When United Airlines oversold flight 3411 by four seats, the crew offered $800 to passengers to reschedule. Nobody moved. United needed to put four crew members on the plane, so they randomly chose four passengers and commanded them to de-plane. One was Dr. David … Read More