“Build A Better Mousetrap And The World Will Beat A Path To Your Door.”
-Henry David Thoreau, 1854

Henry David Thoreau lived in a different century than you and me. Henry David Thoreau never invented any mousetraps. And the world never beat a path to his door. I think that Henry David Thoreau was smoking Crack Cocaine. That was then, Mr. Thoreau, but this is now. Selling Has Changed.

Today, if you’ve got better mousetraps, new technology, or a superior solution to any kind of business problem, you’re faced with some very tough challenges. Your customers and prospects are inundated with choices. They’re relentlessly pursued by sales people. They hide behind their computers and guard against unwanted pests with their voice mail. You send them emails but they can vaporize your message with one touch of the delete button. Your website is just one among millions.

Have you ever said this to yourself? “I’ve got the most fantastic product—people love what I have to show them, if I can only get them to listen!” The most precious commodity in business today is attention.

This website is all about one thing: Getting and Keeping the Attention of your prospects and customers. Causing them to pursue you, instead of you hunting them down. Being certain that every dollar you invest in advertising and marketing comes back to you with friends attached.

Madison Avenue can sing and dance and entertain, but they do not know how to drive new ideas into change resistant markets. We do. They fear anyone who holds their advertising accountable for results. We don’t. Effective marketing is not a collection of slick techniques that temporarily tricks people into falsely believing that your stuff is more righteous than everybody else’s. It’s effective communication of your unique message – communication that is rooted in unchanging principles.

Perry’s articles on Guerilla Marketing focus on principles, not techniques, and apply to any business, and they provide a sound introduction to the Perry Marshall Marketing System:

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