Quietly Building Equity & Wealth as you Grow Your Biz

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I interviewed banker Chris Hurn about building long-term equity. This is easier in some businesses than others. If you’re in manufacturing or software development that might be easier than a service, consulting or publishing business.

In this interview we discuss quietly building equity in the same commercial real estate that your business inhabits.

Letter of Desperation

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This week I received a desperate letter from a 27 year old guy, a long-time customer who’s “circling the drain,” pleading for help.

I took it to my Roundtable meeting yesterday and read everyone the letter, omitting his personal details.

This triggered a wide-ranging 25 minute conversation among my Roundtable members, spanning…

Roundtable Chronicles for October 4, 2012

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Last year Brad came from Australia to Chicago to repair a sagging business. He’d been killin’ it 4-5 years ago, he was king of his niche. But Youtube and competitors and net gnats gnawed away at his business and by 2011 he was not drinkin’ the happy juice.

My First Heckler

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At the Sunday morning of my first-ever seminar in 2006, I gave an optional spiritual talk. (I’ve made a practice of this since. I’ve found lot of people appreciate these talks.)

The day before, I told everyone…

Sometimes, business success is about bigger things than business.

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Thanks to what I’ve learned from you and Perry, we’ve been able to do just that. Our first stop this summer was Boston, where he was able to get scoped by one of the world’s leading pediatric gastroenterologists, and now we’re down in Florida doing IV treatments at a cost of more than $1K per week.
Even if we had health insurance in this country (which we don’t), they deny coverage for these sorts of treatments as a matter of course. All told, the cost of this trip is likely to exceed $20K.

Daniel Park’s $25,000 Consulting Discovery

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In our Consulting Accelerator course we include a 10X Return on Investment stipulation – if you do and document the steps we outline and don’t earn 10X your money, you get it back.

Daniel Park earned 10X his money back the first week, and this interview opens with a HILARIOUS story. Whatever you do, be sure and listen to the first minute of this: