Roundtable Chronicles for October 4, 2012

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Last year Brad flew from Australia to Chicago to repair a sagging business. He’d been killin’ it 4-5 years ago, king of his niche. But Youtube and competitors and net gnats gnawed away at his business and by 2011 he was not drinkin’ the happy juice.

He bit the bullet, came to an Intensive and joined Roundtable. Now he was flying to Chicago from Australia 3X per year. (BTW I’ve almost *always* had members from Australia.)

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We began by redefining his niche, adding more USP’s to his toolbelt, solving more specialized, exact, painful problems.

Then we built out his traffic, brick by brick. He’d never done Display Network and we honed that until it was converting better than search.

Yesterday afternoon he told this new story about outsourcing, and the result of his massive turnaround. This is worth a quick 4-minute listen:

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You can do this too!

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5 Comments on “Roundtable Chronicles for October 4, 2012”

  1. hello Perry, getting ready to buy your Ultimate Guide, the small budget version, and I have some questions, I have an idea for a niche market, selling important information, but what I’m writing is not an ebook, it’s not that long, maybe 20 to 25 pages or less, what should I do, create a website for this prodect, create a blog, or what, I am thinking a website or blog, then bringing in adsense, thanks JC

    1. Jim, Adsense is worthless in a situation like yours. Information doesn’t have to be long to be valuable. Maybe you can find an even more concise way to deliver the information, maybe even an evaluation or software program.

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