Why Facebook advertisers are cagey

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“Loose lips sink ships.”

Some people are absolutely raking it in with Facebook ads but many are keeping quiet about it. I’ve got a friend named Bill who turned $12,000 of ad spend into $48,000 in 2 months. Another guy from Central America told me he’s turned $1,000 into $200,000. “Mister R” converted $10,000 of ads into $200,000 of business in one year.

Last night on Facebook FastTrack call #3, Bryan told about a guy who had a highly successful, “evergreen” promotion making money hand over fist. Bryan delivered a basic description of what he was doing. Bryan sez, “If I told you exactly who this guy is he’d kill me.”

On Facebook you *cannot* be an anonymous business. You have to be connected to a profile of a real person.

When the Google gold rush was underway, we collected hundreds and hundreds of testimonials from people all over the world. If they were easy to locate online, they probably had a complex business that was hard to knock off. If they ran a simple business, nobody knew what market they were in anyway.

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Things are a little different on Facebook. Not quite as many people jumping up & down saying “Hey look how great things are going for me!” but make no mistake, there’s miles and miles of cheap real estate for sale on Facebook. And people making good coin with it.

My apologies to those on our waiting list who were unable to join Facebook FastTrack. After the deadline we only had 11 seats left and they were quickly snatched up. We wanted to deliver a quality experience. And even with attendance capped we had some logistical challenges.

We’re refining our material and formulating a condensed version. *Stay tuned.* Meanwhile, rest assured that small fortunes are getting turned into large ones on Facebook.

Perry Marshall

P.S.: If you use Firefox or Internet Explorer, every time you go to Google’s home page you get a persistent “Download Chrome” icon. Yep – Google has popups on its home page! Why???? Cuz they’re afraid of Facebook!

Facebook is the next 900 pound gorilla. If you’re not using Google’s browser while you’re on Facebook, they don’t know what you’re doing. Google wants your D-A-T-A.

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Perry Marshall has launched two revolutions in sales and marketing. In Pay-Per-Click advertising, he pioneered best practices and wrote the world's best selling book on Google advertising. And he's driven the 80/20 Principle deeper than any other author, creating a new movement in business.

He is referenced across the Internet and by Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, INC and Forbes Magazine.

16 Comments on “Why Facebook advertisers are cagey”

  1. Hello Perry, Social media seams to be taking over especially facebook. I am looking out for more content from you on these subjects. I am waiting for google to buy facebook. Thanks, Andrew Gallop

  2. Why are you always so cryptic Perry? what the heck is D-A-T-A?
    Just spit it out and tell your subscribers what you mean.

    The email you provided like most is always like chasing a rabbit in the fog and trying to figure out where the rabbit is.

    If you really want to WOW your subscribers give us some tangible actionable step by step techniques we can sink our teeth into rather than telling cryptic stories and generalities.

    Love you still, but its the old war horses like you that have to team up with the new breed of superstars because the new internet guys and girls have no fear of giving away step by step actionable content that will turn into cash.

    When I see new breed marketers like that giving away the farm without fear, then yes I dip into my wallet and spend the $1K or 2K for their products because I know the ROI is going to be there.

    Just some food for thought

    Again still love you, but you got to give up more actionable step by step stuff.

    You’re one of the masters of PPC so it shouldn’t even be a second thought for you to have an abundance mentality and start giving away step by step actionable techniques to help your subscribers make money.

    Again just a thought.

    P.S. if it means anything to you, you are one of 3 other marketers who’s list I am on and yes I’m one of your older customers as well. (If that means anything)

  3. I make money with Facebook ads everyday but the traffic is pretty low….I just can’t get more than 500 clicks per day. Is there any way to get more clicks? I need like 5,000 per day to make it worth my while.

    I’m interested in any insights you can offer.

  4. hi Perry
    you have made a very good comment about google and
    the use of chrome i have not started using it yet but might
    However i often use blogger for putting up quick bloggs but allways use 4/5 unique articles about what it is i am promoting etc and it gets listed almost immediatly
    the trick with google is keeping all the content/keywords and affiliate product all exactly the same so there readers get exactly what it says on the tin
    anyway i expect you all know that anyway treat google as afriend and not your enemy

    thanks for great blog
    peter mcgrath

  5. I have been using facebook for almost 2 years now and i get at least a 300% return every month! The only problem is that more and more facebook users are logging on through their mobiles, and at this stage the ads don’t show up on facebook mobile!

  6. Perry,

    As usual…great stuff. I’m just getting started in internet marketing and copywriting and although I haven’t bought any of your stuff…yet, I really appreciate your insight and honesty. It’s just a matter of time before I purchase something, I can only go through so many courses at a time though. Thanks again.

  7. I agree with Stew. If Google doesn’t play nice, they may find themselves losing out more than they could gain by “spying” on people.

    As for the ppc, I would keep it under wraps too. Now everyone is going to be bombarding it, driving prices up and out of reach for the “little” guy.

  8. So is there a specific strategy that allows you to lower your CPC on Facebook, the way it’s on Adwords?

    The truth is I tried Facebook once but the cost compared to returns were really high.

    The reason why I like Google I feel like I have some sort of influence on my CPC.

    Is it the same with Facebook?

    What you say is very appealing, I would “convert” if I understood it beter…

  9. Thank you Perry, great article.Obtaining data is the most valuable thing on the web. Can you immagine the amount of data that Facebook has for almost 500million users? it is not only search data but language, education, visited places you pick!!!

  10. Hi Perry

    Are you doing a product launch for software that teaches people how to use Facebook to market their online biz or have I missed that already?

    Gary S

  11. Thanks for mentioning me in your daily update. We have a real estate and development company in Costa Rica and we basically were finding that sales to North Americans ( like back home! ) were going down the drain.
    We had to reconfigure our offerings and our target market. And Facebook was the perfect vehicle for us to use to target local spanish speaking buyers. Much more cost effective than anything else.

  12. Yes Perry, it stands to reason Google would be data mining its users. Google wants to be the Godzilla, not gorilla, in the room. I like Google, but it seems more monopoly these days…and that can’t be good.

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