The Genius Behind Performance-Based Expansion

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While the management consultant mindset focuses narrowly on concocting a mythical “perfect business strategy”, Bills’ entrepreneurial mindset focused solely on what worked, what got results, and then built that in to every contract.

Richard shares how he had the “time of his life” pursuing this simple yet profound strategy.

Stop Doing What You Do Best

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Real 80/20 Liberation has nothing to do with DOING. It’s not about reducing your workload by a few hours a week so you can get more done (although that’s a happy by-product of the first baby steps). It’s about liberating you so that your business works better when you’re not even there.

"If At First You Don't Succeed, Quit"

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Richard Koch was fascinated by the 80/20 Principle from the age of 19. He always knew there was a way to get more results from less effort. But he didn’t REALLY know it until an event of “impending doom” loomed over his life.

When Richard Discovered that Working Harder Doesn't Work

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When Richard Koch’s bosses at Boston Consulting Group told him he wasn’t producing the heavy-duty analysis they expected of him, he buckled down, redoubled his efforts, worked 70-80 hours per week, drove himself to distraction, threw several personal relationships under the bus…and his results did NOT improve.

Which Brain Are You Using Today?

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I believe that I have two brains.

One brain is an intelligent and hardworking officer.

I need my second brain for real breakthrough. My lazy and intelligent brain. My commander brain.

My breakthrough ideas come ONLY from my lazy and intelligent “commander” brain, never from my rational and hardworking “good soldier” brain.