Rescuing Dogs on Facebook!

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We held a 48 hour contest for our new students to get their Facebook ads and landing pages up and running. Stuart Jordan sent in this glowing report about his passion which is Dog Rescue:

Facebook Ads Success Story: 90% Cost Savings

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Thomas Meloche of sells a software tool for accelerated learning. He budgeted $20,000 for advertising on Facebook and getting beta testers. But it only took $2,000 to get the results he wanted – 90% less than he thought.

In this interview, he gives away his $5,000 “Spaghetti Sauce” principle (and yes I agree, it really will turn into a $5,000 tip for some folks!) and talks about the difference between Google advertising and Facebook advertising:

Building the Facebook Compatible Business

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Just as there’s a series of events that happen as a person comes through a physical front door of a physical store, there’s a specific set of events after the person clicks on your pay per click ad.

Tens and hundreds of thousands of new businesses and billions of dollars grew out of that explosive new development.

So it will be with Facebook ads.

But Facebook is a different animal.

Obama's Social Media Strategy, De-Constructed

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In the last 24 months, Facebook and Twitter have gone Supernova. We now have a “Social Media Expert” almost literally on every street corner.

While everyone else was tweeting and jumping up and down and yelling about it, David Bullock went DEEP. He exhaustively catalogued of Barack Obama’s social media campaign on his hard drive. While it was happening, in real time, before it disappeared forever.

Facebook, Twitter, Affiliate Marketing and Jazz Improvisaton

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Ed Dale and his colleagues have an online radio show called “Internet Marketing This Week” and I was a guest on that show.

We had a fantastic conversation. After asome AdWords tips, we got into a fascinating exploration of:

-Comparisons between Affiliate marketing and real estate brokers and developers. Powerful analogy that shows you exactly where to go and how to escape the tightening noose that many affiliates find themselves in

-Why Ed Dale dumped 5000 “friends” on Facebook and why I think he did the right thing

-The difference between Facebook advertising and all other media

-The Wild West of Twitter

-The difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, why 1.0 will never go away and why 2.0 is often a conspiracy of distraction

-Social Media through an 80/20 lens

John Carlton has just demanded 25 things of me.

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John Carlton just tagged me – he wants my list of 25 random things. The Facebook 25 Random Things has generated so much buzz, I’ve even fielded questions from news reporters about what it means about the Internet and social media and all that. To which I replied…