Rack the Shotgun to Disqualify or Identify Leads

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After four years of working the Vegas strip as a professional gambler, John Paul Mendocha was sitting in a restaurant booth with a couple of his gambling buddies. The other two were having an argument: “Yes, you will.” “No, I won’t.” “Yes, you will.” “No, I won’t.” Out came a Glock. The guy planted the barrel on the other guy’s … Read More

Narrow Your Sales Focus & DITCH THE GUILT

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Some people persuade best by writing. Others sell with pictures. Some sell their ability to adhere best practices; others by astounding customers with originality and ingenuity. Some pluck heartstrings; others deliver cold, hard facts. It is exceedingly rare for one person to be able to successfully cover all marketing techniques or bases — even in a small company in a … Read More