Nailing Jello to the Wall

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I read a book about building cabinets. It said, “When you put your panels together, you need to make sure you put your project on a solid surface, not a wobbly table. The symptom of a flimsy table is bent nails.” AMEN BROTHER. And… if that’s true in a wood shop, it’s 3X as true when it’s a business your … Read More

My #1 – 80/20 Secret To Hiring The Best Employees

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hire the best employees

Let’s talk about hiring… Hiring is one of the most important things you ever do. It is one of the most high value activities in your business. Most of the big breakthroughs I’ve had in my business had something to do with bringing on the right person and happened shortly after they came on board. Conversely, most of the quagmires … Read More